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  • June Summer Camp Attendees, You’re Doing it Right

    A little transparency here, first. I have actually already written a post that touches on the fact that if you wait until July or even August to register for camp, there are many benefits in doing so. That said, despite the title of this post, I promise I’m not flip-flopping. Here is why: This post [...]

  • Speak the (Programming) Language - Python Vs. Java

    iD Tech offers a variety of courses in a great deal of programming languages. Choosing the right one can be difficult, like deciding if you want the latest Apple device, or if an old corer will work just fine. When writing a program, do you want it to take 2 to 4 hours to run, [...]

  • DIY: How to Make an Electronic Greeting Card

    Building electronics is part of the large DIY (Do It Yourself) or Maker movement that has been steadily growing over the past few years. Sites like Pinterest are full of DIY ideas, while others like Etsy provide DIY-ers an opportunity to sell their creations. Not to mention TV shows like Hack My Life, and a full-blown DIY [...]

  • What is Coding? It's One Thing to Me, Another to You.

    Coding is telling a computer what to do through step-by-step commands. These commands form a set of instructions for the computer to execute and attain a specific outcome. Coding is the foundation of the apps on your phone, the video games you enjoy, websites, robots, and much more. They’re all made with code, through the act [...]

  • Utah STEM Fest is Around the Corner

    Every summer, iD Tech is lucky enough to offer camps in a number of different cities and states. One excellent byproduct of such expansion is learning about local STEM events, happenings, and initiatives; each with the goal of keeping students informed and excited about all things science, technology, engineering, and math. So since we are now offering tech camps [...]

  • iD Tech Mini Sparked HUGE Fun This Spring Break

      A group of 60 youngsters from ages six to nine years old experienced a week of tech fun at Sutter Elementary School in sunny Santa Clara, California over spring break. Launched for the first time ever, iD Tech Mini, our new initiative for rising 1st to 4th graders, took over Sutter for a week of innovation [...]

  • Go Green With Arbor Day Party Ideas

      Arbor Day is upon us again! A day to celebrate...trees? Unfortunately, most people probably don’t think too much about Arbor Day – trees are something that shed leaves in the fall, scrape against windows in storms, and bloom beautifully in spring – and that’s about it. But this Arbor Day, we want to remind you [...]

  • My Time at GDC 2015

    Where else can you meet up with tons of like-minded game developers from all over the world, other than at events like GDC? GDC stands for Game Developer's Conference. It's a weeklong conference held in San Francisco that takes place in March every year, and is chock full of panels, game demos, tutorials, and tons [...]

  • STEM Education News You Should Know About

    One of the coolest things about STEM is that no matter the size of your city or state, there is always something going on that can be tied directly to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. If you frequent major publications like Forbes and others, you already know that a lot is being said about STEM education—which is [...]

  • Is Summer Camp Tax Deductible? [Infographic]

      I know, I know...the subjects of fun summer camp and "funless" income tax preparation don't exactly go together as well as toasted 'mallow and graham. But for as painful as taxes might be, there is some value here for anyone that sent a child to camp last summer, or is planning to in the coming [...]