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  • Teen Summer Camp Questions

    5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Code in 2016

    Have you found yourself wondering, "what's with all the hype about programming lately?" As Tynker points out on their blog, programming isn't gaining traction "just because." With over 1 million Computer Science jobs expected to go unfilled by 2020, educators and parents have realized that coding has become as vital as reading, writing, and math. [...]

  • 2015 Holiday GIF Guide 5

    2015 Holiday GIF Guide

    Let’s face it, GIFs are the gifts that keep on giving; literally, over and over and over again. Not to mention they are cheap (can't get cheaper than free) and easy to wrap. So to help you quickly and easily become this holiday season's family and friend favorite, we have put together our 2015 holiday GIF [...]

  • How Technology Improves Thanksgiving (2)

    How Technology Can Improve Thanksgiving

    I know what you’re thinking…what can possibly improve Thanksgiving, the greatest of all holidays featuring a turkey? I mean, you have the 4 “Fs”: Food (way too much of it), family (I know this one is debatable depending on who you talk to), friends, and football. What more could you need? But given all of [...]


    5 Best Apps for Keeping in Touch During the Holidays

    Smartphones, tablets, and their corresponding social media apps occasionally get a bad rep for distracting us from what's happening right in front of us. Fair enough--I know I've done more than my share of whipping out my iPhone during Thanksgiving dinner (more on smartphone addiction). This holiday season, instead of aimlessly scrolling through Facebook while your [...]

  • Sign Up Early for Camp

    Why You Should Register Early for Summer Camp

    Try and forget it’s November. Instead, transport yourself to May. The sun is out, and school is nearly out. Now your summer planner is out; in front of you, but it has holes larger than the Grand Canyon. Your challenge is to rush and figure exactly how your kids will be spending their time for [...]

  • Pumpkin-Header

    DIY: Tech-o-Lantern Halloween Costume

    The weather is cooling down (unless you're in ever-sunny California, like our main office team) and Halloween is upon us! This year, instead of purchasing a pre-packaged costume, tap into your inner Maker and create your own DIY Tech-o-Lantern t-shirt! This low-cost activity is fun for the whole family and ideal for younger kids, as it doesn't require sewing, soldering, or any [...]





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