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  • Ranking Up in League of Legends

    The eSports industry has been growing at an explosive rate, and League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular competitive games out there. This year the League of Legends World Finals had over 36 million viewers, with a prize pool of over 2 million dollars. That kind of viewership surpasses the NBA Finals [...]

  • 10 Ways Your Child Can Make the Most of Summer Camp in 2016

    Camp season is here! Those who have already registered may be filled with anticipation (and perhaps a few butterflies) as the first day draws closer. What is camp like? Will my son/daughter make friends? Will they learn something useful? All normal questions (These questions are a little different). You’re not alone! To help put you [...]

  • DIY: Light-Up Holiday Sweater

    Brighten your holiday with a light-up sweater! This DIY project uses LilyPad Arduino components from our Electric Latte course which is available this summer at Alexa Café, our all-girls summer program for ages 10-15.  Electronic Supplies 4 x Blue LilyPad Arduino LEDs 2 x White LilyPad Arduino LEDs 2 x LilyPad Arduino Coin Cell Battery Holder - Switched [...]

  • 15 Unique, Yet Valid, Summer Camp Questions

    You’re a parent. You’re curious, and definitely cautious—rightly so! Thus, you have questions about camp, and plenty of them. And we love hearing from you. There really is no such thing as a terrible question when it comes to choosing the right summer camp for your son or daughter. (If you think there is, then I dare [...]

  • How to Get Started as a Video Game Designer

    Video game sales outpace movie box office a long shot, and for a while now ($24 billion to $10 billion, most recently). If you needed an indicator on the strength of the video game industry, there you have it. Such a staggering sales figure is understandable, especially for those people who have been sucked in [...]

  • Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

    What is a Portrait? The short answer is that a portrait is an image showing “the likeness” of a person by featuring his or her face. You've probably noticed that old photographs often look rigid and dull. Reason being, photographers would have to use neck braces and/or posing chairs to keep subjects from moving, due to the fact that old [...]