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Blog & News | Girls in STEM

  • How Minecraft Doesn't Block Girls Out

    Minecraft is unique in a great number of ways—and you’ve probably already heard about all the reasons why your child playing it can be very educational. One of the qualities that you might not know about Minecraft that makes it unique in the gaming realm is it’s a rather genderless space. As one of the [...]

  • iD Tech Partners With the Society of Women Engineers

    iD Tech has understood the importance of engaging girls in tech since day one, when our founders, two Silicon Valley women, decided they wanted to create a new kind of technology education program. Since 1999, we’ve been working hard to make sure that girls love our camps as much as the boys. But shrinking the [...]

  • Three Video Game Designers Launch Their Careers at iD Tech

    Sisters Jessica and Julia are passionate about gaming. Jessica works at an AAA game studio and is co-owner of an indie game studio called Fallstreak. Julia works in PR/Marketing within the entertainment industry, and makes video games in her spare time. Jessica and Julia were introduced to iD Tech as campers. “I’ve always loved playing [...]

  • The Cinnamon Siblings Do BIG Things in Tech & Philanthropy

    Here at iD Tech, we have a special affinity for tech-united siblings. After all, it was a brother and sister, Alexa as our co-founder and Pete as our CEO, who built iD Tech from the ground up. So when we heard about the accomplishments of Molly and Ian Cinnamon, siblings who had both attended iD Tech [...]

  • Who's Really Playing Video Games: Why Female Gamers Matter

    There are countless positive effects of your child playing video games—gaming can improve hand-eye coordination, teach problem-solving skills, enhance creativity, and even help kids make friends. Sadly, however, there is still a common misconception that only boys participate in gaming with any seriousness, and as such, even the most well-meaning articles about the benefits of [...]

  • How Industry Leaders Are Engaging More Girls in STEM

    March 8 marks International Women’s Day, a day where people from all over the world celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This year’s theme is gender parity, aka gender equality, in terms of education, economic opportunities, political status, health, and other factors. Engaging girls (and women) in technology has always been [...]