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Channel | Girls in STEM

  • Closing the Gender Gap Thru Collaborative Play

    When it comes to encouraging girls to get into STEM at a young age, it's much deeper than providing them with pink engineering toys. Luckily, there are a few very special companies who also believe this, and make it their mission to include girls in engineering in a, well, gender-less way. GoldieBlox is one (you may [...]

  • Joss Whedon & Girls in STEM

    One of the greatest figures in film and television is, in my opinion, a man named Joss Whedon. It may seem odd to begin an article about the importance of girls in STEM with a male television writer/director, but Joss is different. He is notorious for writing and bringing to life well-rounded, strong female characters. [...]

  • #LikeAGirl: The History Behind Superbowl 2015's Most Talked-About Ad

    A little boy doesn't jump out of his crib magically knowing how to throw a fastball, save someone from a burning building, develop sophisticated software, or negotiate for a higher salary. If he succeeds at these tasks, it's because he received the training and encouragement to do so throughout his life. If we don't afford our daughters the same attention, [...]

  • Alexa Café Footage Captures Girls' Love for Adobe® Photoshop®, Lightroom®, Premiere Pro® & More

    In it's inaugural season, our new all-girls program, Alexa Café, has already made waves in international news! The Senior Adobe® Education Advocate from Australia wanted to see our program in action and observe how our students interact with Adobe® Photoshop®, Lightroom®, Premiere Pro®, and Muse®. The Adobe® crew was excited, staying the entire morning to capture footage. The [...]

  • Alexa Café: Something Magical is Happening Here

    Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit Alexa Café, our new all-girls tech program, held at Palo Alto High School! I have been writing about Alexa Café since the idea for the program was initially conceived, so naturally, I was extremely excited to see how the real thing compared to the version I have been envisioning [...]

  • Engaging Girls in STEM—iD Tech & TechGirls

    The girls in technology movement is on fire in the Silicon Valley. From unknown startups to tech giants like Google and Facebook, this tight-knit community is finally acknowledging the gender discrepancies in STEM education and participation, and making changes now to repair the problem for the future. iD Tech remains at the forefront of the [...]

  • Let's Engage Girls in STEM Education

    Women have been at the heart of iD Tech since 1999, when Alexa Ingram-Cauchi and her mother, Kathryn Ingram, created the company. Over the years, we’ve supported women in every aspect of our operations, from ensuring that women are represented in leadership roles within the company to empowering the thousands of girls who have spent their [...]

  • Alexa Café Featured on AwesomenessTV: Episodes 1-6

    Indie production company AwesomenessTV has recently debuted their six-part series, My Personal Code, which documents the inaugural season of Alexa Café! We couldn't be prouder of or more excited for the girls who attended Alexa Café during Summer 2014, and we feel that AwesomenessTV has truly captured the progressive, collaborative spirit of our program. It's about creative coding. Design. [...]

  • Girls & Code: A Relatable Role-Model Can Make All the Difference

    Over at the SPARK Blog, Annemarie McDaniel, a professional coder, graphic designer, and blogger, recently posted a terrific read titled "The girl protagonist who inspired me to code." Check out the article here. Annemarie reflects on her childhood as a budding programmer, and credits the book Click Here: (To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade) by Denise Vega [...]

  • Girls' Scholarship Spotlight: Annabelle Traveled from CA to AZ to Pursue Tech

    Earlier this year, we ran a scholarship campaign that enabled more than 160 girls to attend iD Tech Camps--our flagship, co-ed, summer tech program for ages 7-17--for free. The initiative was designed to engage more girls in technology, given that over 50% of the U.S. population is female, yet only 14% of computer science majors [...]