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  • Do Girls Play Video Games? Of Course. Let's Change the Dialogue.

    It's time we accept the fact that, with balance, video games are good for you for a number of reasons. They can improve hand-eye coordination, teach problem-solving skills, enhance creativity, and even help kids make friends. Sadly, however, there’s still a common misconception that only boys participate in gaming with any seriousness, and as such, [...]

  • 2018 Lesbians Who Tech Summit Summary & Reactions

    Did you know women account for only 1 in 15 people in STEM fields? Bad, right? That statistic looks even worse when you start talking about LGBTQ women in tech. That’s where Lesbians Who Tech comes in. Lesbians Who Tech is a powerhouse of a community—the largest LGBGTQ professional event in the entire world. Their purpose [...]

  • A Salute to the Female Founders of iD Tech

    20 years ago, my sister Alexa and mother Kathryn huddled up to launch a “tech camp for kids” in Silicon Valley. They didn’t get the investment capital so many companies rely on today. They really just had one asset: internal Drive. (That’s what the i and D stand for in iD Tech, by the way.) [...]

  • 16 Black STEM Innovators Who Have Defined Our Modern World

    We frequently talk about the gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, and why getting more girls in STEM is important. But that isn’t the only gap that desperately needs to be filled if we are to achieve a workforce that reflects the perspectives, insights, and talents of our population. Like women, [...]

  • iD Tech Leads the Way in Gender Diversity

    Women have been at the heart of iD Tech from the beginning—we were founded by Kathryn and Alexa, a mother-daughter duo, back in 1999. We launched our first girls-only weeks of camp a few years later, and have watched the number of female campers climb steadily each year since. Then, in 2015, we changed the [...]

  • Six Leading Ladies in Tech You Should Know About

    We often call attention to the problematic gender inequality present in the technology sector. But we also need spend time recognizing the amazing women who have contributed to major advancements in computer science since its early existence. Check out these leading ladies in technology, who shaped the history of computer science and made it what [...]

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