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  • Intro to the Micro:Bit Board & Projects

    The generally accepted definition of a computer is any machine that can be programmed to carry out a set of algorithms and arithmetic instructions. Pretty simple, right? Well, definitional …

  • Easy Games for Beginners to Create on Scratch

    If it's your first time on this blog, welcome to Scratch! If you're a repeat reader, then you know Scratch is one of our favorite topics. Why? Between the easy-to-use interface, block coding, and fun …

  • What is a Hackathon? Examples, Benefits & Opportunities.

    When we hear the words “hack” or “hacker,” what meaning comes to mind? Probably a slew of conflicting images. Hack, like “life hack”: faster, more streamlined ways of accomplishing daily tasks. You …

  • Python vs. JavaScript

    Forget the fact that there are handfuls of coding languages for kids ...even when narrowing it down to two great options - like Python and JavaScript - figuring out which one to learn is still quite …

  • 18 Computer Science Facts: A Collection of Interesting Statistics

    Computer science has revolutionized the world in more than I could ever state - from the internet to artificial intelligence - and thanks to its broad reach, there are a number of ways for kids and …

  • 6 Best Coding and Robotics Classes

    Most kids are naturally-drawn to robotics. There is something about feeling the ability to power, move, and guide another thing that appeals to the young mind.  What many of them don't understan…

  • 10 Fun (Free) Coding Games for Kids & Beginners

    If the popularity of ChatGPT and other AI-based platforms hasn't been enough of a recent signal, I'll just say it again—the future is here, and the physical and digital worlds are becoming more and …

  • 12 Fun & Educational Coding Websites for Kids

    As parents or guardians, we are always looking for the best activities for our kids to enjoy and grow through. Common staples of any childhood include sports, music and anything with friends. …

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