PART II #CamperSaidWhat 2019: The funniest things we've heard at camp

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OK, I just can't help myself—there is no way I'm going to sit on these quotes all the way until next summer. 

So, you're in luck. I'm proud to present #CamperSaidWhat 2019 v2.0, equipped with as many chuckles as ever, but also a couple of tearjerking curveballs!

(Here is part I for anyone who missed it!)

Welp, OK!

Camper: "I need a knife and a spoon. Don't question why, I just do."

I think I have something in my eye

Camper frustrated while stumped on a Lua problem...

Camper 1: “Ugh, I’m so dumb, hahaha”
Camper 2: “No you’re not. Everyone learns differently.”

I think you're on to something!

A camper who knew Python was helping another camper who was coding in C++...

Camper: "Dude, can I just write this code for you in Python and run it through Google Translate to C++?"

Heartless; no sole

Instructor: "I think I’m going to look for some new sneakers when I go shopping."
Camper: "Yeah you should cause you are wearing the same ones from last year."

Mouths of fury

Camper: *Grabs instructor's arm* "You have a lot of fur."

Who is teaching who?

Student builds a game with the following prompts:

1. Start game
2. Instructions
3. Exit

Director enters prompt 1

Camper: "Why didn’t you do the instructions? Now you don’t know how to play."
Instructor: "The instructions should be first, then start game."
Camper: "That’s not how it works."
Instructor: "That’s how games work—you learn how to play, then play."
Camper: "But that’s not how life works—you’re born, then you learn."

You're darn right it is...

Students are unwinding with a game of Bananagrams...

Camper: "‘Yeet’ is definitely a word.”

Excuse me while I fail

During activity time, a camper approaches our origami station...

Camper: "Can I have a piece of paper?"
Instructor: "I don’t know, can you?" *trying to get her to use her manners*
Camper: "Uh, yes I can."
Instructor: "But...CAN you?"
Camper: "Uh! I signed up for this activity! I think I CAN!" *snatches paper and walks away*

Is this real life?

At lunch one day, a group was talking about pieing an instructor in the face...

Camper: "Can I pie myself in the face?"
Instructor: "No!"
Camper: "Oh really?" *Camper proceeds to grab a piece of cake from the desert bar and shoves it in his own face.*

I mean, come on!

Camper: “At my school, everyone is mean and no one cares about computers. Here, everyone loves computers and everyone is so nice!”

Yeah, that's not this

Three days into the machine learning course...

Camper: “When are we going to use the machines?”

Bless their hearts

Instructor is helping a young camper make a presentation for Family Showcase...

Instructor: "You can use this picture of yourself for your presentation to show your parents."
Camper: "But in that picture, I’m wearing a yellow shirt and today I’m wearing a red shirt so nobody will know that it’s me!!"

Chef Boyardee over here...

Camper: "Can I go to the Fishmonger’s (a store) across the street?"
Instructor: "Why?"
Camper: "I dunno, I wanna buy a fish..."
Instructor: "Where are you gonna cook it? You aren’t allowed to use the kitchen appliances."
Camper: "Ever heard of shoeshi? It’s Sushi you make in your shoes."

This is what winning looks like...

Camper: "Is a PopTart considered a calzone?"

And dads rejoice everywhere

Helping students answer the end-of-week survey/evaluation...

Instructor: "OK, (insert camper’s name) How would you rate your overall experience?"
Camper: "But…I’m not wearing any overalls?"

Improv, am I right?

Camper: "Roarrrr! I'm a zombie!"
Instructor: "You sound like a dinosaur!"
Camper: "I'm a ZOMBIE dinosaur!"
Instructor: "But zombies can't talk?"
Camper:......."I'm a TALKING zombie dinosaur!"

You're hired!

The iD Tech marketing team takes several thousand pictures during camp photo shoots, and it's pretty obvious that a bunch of photos are taken at a time.

Camper: "Why so many photos? Just take one proper one!"

Again, with kids, you just never know

As these quotes show, the unpredictability of hundreds of kids grouped together in the same space cannot be overstated! 

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