#CamperSaidWhat 2019: The funniest things we've heard at camp

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Some people look forward to the holiday season. Others are big on birthdays. 

Me? Compiling #CamperSaidWhat is my favorite time of year. Sometimes we are lucky to do it multiple times per camp season if students provide enough fodder!

If you're new to this, #CamperSaidWhat is a heralded phenomenon; a collection of shareable statements, questions, and quirks overheard at camp during the summer. 

I mean, when you welcome 50,000+ kids and teens each season, you're bound to exclaim "SAY WHAT?!"


1. That's fowl

Camper 1: "My brother’s chicken escaped yesterday."
Instructor: "Wait, you guys have a chicken?"
Camper 2: "Ah, I remember my chicken..."
Instructor: "Wait, why did both of you have chickens?"
Camper 1: "All second graders get chickens, anyways so we lost our chicken, but our other one is still here…"

2. And don't you forget it!

Instructor: "POINTERS! Pointers are good for you! Always use pointers! Pointers pointers!"
Student: "Remember kids, eat your pointers!"

3. Lookin' good

Student picks up an accelerometer chip from the robotics kit...

Student: "It’s like a festive eyebrow comb!"

4. The essentials

Camper checking-out...

Mom: "Did you make sure you drank a lot of water?"
Camper: "Water is useless. Don’t worry, I ate a whole pack of Hi-Chews!"

Instructor assured mother he had plenty of water, too.

5. Say it ain't so, Steve

Camper made a little jail area for his kingdom in Minecraft, with some villagers inside...

Instructor: "Oh no! Why are they in jail!"
Camper: (Pointing out each villager) "This one tried to steal the throne, and so did this one, and this one, etc."

(Gets to the last one)

Camper: (Gets quiet and whispers) "This is Steve. We don’t talk about Steve."

6. Wise in the ways

Group getting ready to head home for the day...

Instructor: “Autobots! Roll out!”
Camper 1: “I don’t think we’re Autobots.”
Instructor: “OK, DECEPTICONS! Roll out!”
Camper 1: “I am NOT a Decepticon!”
Camper 2: “That sounds like something a Decepticon would say…”

7. Don't worry, I got you

Camper John: "I want to give a shout out to Jimmy for helping me with the code today."
Camper Jimmy: "I want to shout out to Jimmy for giving me a shout out…"

8. You can do it!

Camper: “Instructor, I have a question.”
Instructor: “Yes, what’s your question?”
Camper: “I can’t do this.”
Director: “That’s...not a question.”
Camper: “…Can…I…do this??”

9. The name game

While talking about nicknames at lunch...

Camper: "I’m going to name my daughter Mayonnaise."
Instructor: "Wait… what?"
Camper: "Well, I mean… IF I ever have a daughter, I’ll name her Mayonnaise."
Instructor: "No, I meant… Why Mayonnaise?"
Camper: "Oh! Because then her nickname can be May."

10. The feeling is mutual

In Java Coding class, instructor recently taught the students about loops and how to avoid infinite loops...

Camper: I wish I could make an infinite loop out of this camp so it could last forever.

11. Language!

Camper 1 : “Diddly darn dang heck.”
Camper 2 : “Excuse me, we don’t use those words here.”

12. Padded pockets

Instructor: "No one can use the vending machines."

13. You've got a point

Instructor: "We can go in at 2:15..."
Camper 1: "Why not now?"
Instructor: "Because we go in at 2:15"
Camper 1: "What time is it now?"
Instructor: "2:00"
Camper 1:…
Camper 1: "What time is it now?"
Instructor: "2:01"
Camper 1: "UGGHHHH this is gonna take FOREVER!"
Camper 2: "No, it’s going to take 14 minutes."

14. It's coming!

An instructor runs away from the room to go grab something...

Camper: (whispering) Some people are scared of knowledge…

15. Unmasked!

Camper: "Why are you wearing a ton of makeup?"
Instructor: "Oh, I guess I am wearing some mak—"
Camper: (Cutting instructor off) "NO, you are wearing a TON of makeup."

With kids, you just never know

As these quotes show, the unpredictability of hundreds of kids grouped together in the same space cannot be overstated! 

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