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#CamperSaidWHAT: Funniest Things We've Overheard at Camp

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In 2016 alone, roughly 50,000 kids and teens will attend our camps at over 130 locations nationwide. That’s a LOT of students and a whole lot of different personalities. Get them collaborating and creating together in the labs and you’re bound to bear witness to some memorable–and often hilarious–moments.

Need a good laugh? Here are some of the silliest, wittiest, most outlandish things our summer staffers have reported overhearing at camp, straight from the mouths of our students.

“Dinosaurs were just a cover-up for Pokémon.”

“This is the best day ever! Someone is painting my nails while I look at gifs of laughing babies and watch Finding Nemo! Dreams are coming true here, people!”excited

“Oh no!!! I broke my glasses. I’m gonna text a picture to my mom and see what happens!”

Instructor: “Remind me how old you are?”
Camper: “I’m 12 but I tell everyone I’m 13 so I get respect around here.”

*A sign on campus said “Sidewalk Closed,” but it was clearly in-use.*
Camper 1: “Maybe we should go around?”
Camper 2 : “No, the sign is clearly for the weak and close-minded individuals.”

Student in 3D Printing course: “This is supposed to be a rocket but it looks more like a hotdog with a party hat on.”

Camper 1: “I wonder why Dr. Mario is so much slower than Samus in Super Smash Brothers.”
Camper 2: “Probably because he’s loaded down in med school debt.”

“Well, I don’t eat breakfast usually. I just want to buy a coffee and a copy of The New Yorker. I take my sustenance in the written form.”

“My mom says that we’re paying a lot of money for this camp and that I should ‘go to town’ at lunch time!”

“If you could hit control-z an infinite amount of times on your life, how far would you go back?”

“If you take out all the DNA from somebody’s body, they become invisible and the government can’t track them.”mindblown2

It’s official. iD Tech campers say the darnedest things…we like to think of it as part of the creative process! Find a camp near you and sign your student up for a summer full of awesome memories, funny moments, and serious tech skills.


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