#CamperSaidWhat: The funniest things we've heard at camp in 2018

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It's no secret—kids say the darndest things.

Add in the fact that we'll be seeing over 50,000 kids—and their many different personalities—at camp this summer, and you've got a recipe for guaranteed laughter.

So, once again, we are pleased to present to you #CamperSaidWhat, our collection of shareable statements, questions, and quirks heard so far this summer. 


1. Fitness doesn't take days off

Camper: "What time is wake up? Is there some way I can get my jogs in?"
Director: "Um, your what?"
Camper: "My jogs!" (Mimics running)

2. Frank feedback

Camper hands in Tuesday Survey.

"Uhh, you might lose your job…

just kidding!"

3. Well, good morning to you too

An 8-year-old camper hops out of his car.

“Did you know that if we were immortal the world would fill up with unlimited people and no one would have room to live?”

4. Reading between the lines

Camper to instructor:

"You know… you strike me as a person who would like the taste of a shaving cream pie… in the face… by being pied… you know what I’m saying?"

5. A true friend is the best possession

Camper: "I wish we could keep Cozmo!"
Instructor: "Don’t worry, you’re getting a voucher for your own!"
Camper: "Ughhh, but I know THIS one and LOVE this one!!!"

6. The secret ingredient

Students talking at lunch.

Student 1: "Gotta stock up on my Gamer Juice."
Student 2: "You have to show me how to make that before camp ends."
Instructor: "Dude, it’s just Mountain Dew. He just calls it Gamer Juice."
Student 1: "No, there’s something else in it!"
Instructor: "OK… what?"
Student 1: "The essence of 1000 neckbeards."

7. You really just can't hide it

Camper working on a project understands how to do something new, and trips over his desk.

Instructor: "Are you okay??"
Camper: "I’m EXCITED!"

8. Boogie down

Instructor: “If you can hear me, put your finger on your nose.”
Camper (w/ concerned tone): “Wait did you say 'on' or 'in?'”

9. Pay to play

Instructor: "If you have your projects done by lunch, I’ll give you two tickets!"
Camper: "That’s like… minimum wage for tickets!"

10. Close but no cigar

Older campers talking to younger campers about anime.

Camper 1: “You’ve never even watched anime; you don’t know what you're talking about.”
Camper 2: “Ya I do! My favorite movie is an anime: The Emoji Movie!

11. A sticky situation

One of the detergent bottles was sticky because the students don’t know how to use it without spilling. While an instructor was explaining where to put quarters into the machine, a student said.

“Oh my god I got laundry sauce on my fingers!”

12. Perfect timing

"If I had a time machine I would do two things… one, bring back RadioShack, and two, make Bob Ross immortal."

13. No pain, no gain

Camper: "Can I get a ticket for not running into this pillar?"
Instructor: "No."
Camper: "What about two tickets if I DO run into the pillar?"

14. A little too nosey

"What if you were like Pinocchio, but when you lied, instead of your nose getting longer, you just get more noses?

Like if you lie, you get another nose next to your nose? And you go again, and then you get two noses on EACH of THOSE noses?”

15. Gotta bring home those dubs

Camper playing Fortnite as instructor is taking photos.

Camper: "Don't put this photo on the website because I just have a n00b skin."
Instructor: "What if I Photoshop in a Victory Royale?"
Camper: "That would be okay then!"

With kids, you just never know

As these quotes show, the unpredictability of hundreds of kids grouped together in the same space cannot be overstated! 

Want more laughs? Check out crazy quotes from previous summers. Or, sign up for camp this summer to experience your own! While space is filling fast, there is still time to register for one of our 50+ innovative and cutting-edge courses

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