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Camp in a Picture

iD Tech Staff - Now Hiring!

Somer, iD’s Academy Operations Manager, found this great iDea from the Full Sail Blog about capturing your life in a single photograph. Inspired by this concept, Brylock and I ran a camp-wide contest about capturing the essence of camp in a single photo. We were not disappointed!

The folks at Trinity University, specifically Taz, Grizzly, and Lou!, shared these awesome moments, each which captures what it means to be iD Trinity.

JSmiti from Pace University posted this great “Biscuit Shoutout,” apparently the new hotness at Pace!

And Storm Queen and her team from Washington University went all the way to the famous St. Louis City Museum to share their iD pride!

It turns out that it’s not very hard to get staffers to show their iD colors at camp! Great job!