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I woke up this morning and realized that camp has officially started!

I randomly checked on the ASU schedule online and it looks like almost all of the courses are sold out. Amazing. I guess that means I need to get back into the campy grove!

First of all, let's revisit what my role at iD Tech Camps is: I am one of the guys (Brylock is the other) that makes sure everyone at camp has something to do when they're not doing class stuff. That's a huge responsibility! We control a resource called the Game Book, which shares some of our favorite outdoor and indoor games (the current count is somewhere over 200 listings). I run a staff incentive program called Nachos (woo!) and Brylock runs the location-wide competition called iDX. Between all of our properties, we have around 1,000 different activities for campers and staffers to try.

In order to prepare for camp, I really need to get into the camp mindset. Here's what I do:

1. Stretch!

Every morning I wake up an hour earlier than I normally would and stretch out in front of my apartment. Brylock says he'll join me, but always manages to call me to let me know some excuse (like he was attacked by a bear) that is preventing him from joining me.

2. Breakfast Buffet

Most overnight camps eat in a cafeteria with some sort of buffet for meals. I walk over to the closest hotel and hit their buffet a couple of times to make sure I have the energy for a fun-filled day.

3. Cheers

I lead cheers during any meal and sometimes randomly on the street. It helps the morale of the people around me, even if they choose not to join in.

4. Camp Songs

I love camp songs, so here in New York City, I walk up and down the subways leading repeat-after-me songs like Pizza Man and The Green Grass Grows. It's a great way to make new, interesting friends and earn a couple handfuls of change.

5. Field Games

Brylock and I go to our local park (Astoria Park) and play field games. It's much harder with only two players, but we manage!

6. iD Tech Shirts

I go through my drawer and pull out all of my iD shirts - and I wear one. Every day. I do this anyway throughout the year, but I especially do it during camp!

7. Play Minecraft

The rest of my day is devoted to playing Minecraft. I want to make sure I'm ready when the campers arrive, so I decided to build a replica of the galaxy - unfortunately that takes a really long time. So far, I've created my street block.

8. Practice Juggling

You never know when a random skill will come in handy at camp!

Now that camp has officially begun, you'll be hearing a lot more from me - so stayed tuned to hear all about the Nachos, iDX and all the other great stuff we do here at iD Tech Camp during the summer!

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