Blurred photos got you down? Adobe introduces blur-fixing feature.

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Just when you thought Photoshop couldn’t possibly get any cooler/more useful, Adobe recently debuted a brand new feature at the company’s MAX 2011 event.   So what’s all the hype about?  A new blur-fixing feature.  The benefit is pretty self explanatory, but soon we will have a feature to rescue all of those “near perfect” photos we’ve hastily taken with our cameras or smartphones.

With the announcement, two questions come to mind.  One, can’t you already fix blurred photos?  The short answer is yes, but the complete answer is that most methods usually require a myriad of minor adjustments and a complete understanding of the photo editing software to accomplish the fix – a tough thing to master without much experience or without taking a digital photography class.

So now that we know it can be done – at the cost of precious time – how is Adobe going to do it any better? Unfortunately, the feature isn’t available on any Adobe product just yet, and there is no slated date for the feature’s arrival.  But, rumor is it will be as easy as a one-click fix, accomplished by referring to the camera's movement at the time the photo was snapped.  More specifically, Adobe’s “blur kernel” will get to the root of the problem, pulling info on camera motion trajectory and then aligning the entire image for a clear, sharp result.

Here's video proof of the early prototype:

To guard against blur, most professional photographers spend time up front when the photo is being taken, making sure to use lenses that provide maximum stabilization and even tripods to hold cameras completely still.  But for those of us who snap at will or don’t have the time to set up the perfect shot, Adobe’s new technology is a welcome addition.

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