From family startup to industry leader - A birthday note from our CEO

iD Tech in action

To our iD Tech community:

As we celebrate our company's birthday, we’re remembering our roots.

21 years ago, my family started iD Tech in a small studio in Silicon Valley. 

We were the original tech camp. There was no investment capital. No guidebook. We worked seven days a week and drove our brochures from school to school to get the word out. Why? Because we believed that incredible tech education could change our world for the better. 

And it has.

Today, we’ve empowered over 450,000 kids and teens with the world’s most in-demand skills. They’ve gone on to launch startups, found nonprofits, create clubs, and land dream jobs at iconic companies like Google, Disney, and EA. These student success stories are just the tip of the iceberg. 

This year, we’ll serve more students worldwide than any tech program in history. We’ll make strides toward our goal of gender parity at camp. And, we’ll provide more scholarships for underserved students than ever before. Inclusion and innovation are in our blood.

Whether your child is an aspiring coder, game developer, robotics engineer, or creative, you won’t believe what they can create in as little as a week at iD Tech. For many students, one session is all it takes to spark a lifelong passion.

I hope to see you and your family this summer while I’m out visiting camp. 

Pete Ingram Cauchi
CEO, iD Tech

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Pete has been at the helm of iD since 2000. He resides in Silicon Valley. Pete has a love of design and is passionate about creating memorable experiences for kids. By day he is CEO, by night he is a youth soccer coach and chef of the house. Pete studied at UW in Seattle and worked abroad in Spain. He is fluent in Spanish, but his kids think otherwise. The best part of the job? Seeing the kids advance from tech novices to studying at top Universities and landing big-time jobs.