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Best of Summer Camp Photos – July 8, 2013

students collaborating on coding project

We’re back again to showcase the best photos taken this week at our camp locations all over the country. There are still plenty of smiles, giggles, and all-round silliness. Enjoy!


Welcome to another week of tech camps at Amherst!


Put on your thinking caps and get ready for a week of programming and app building!


Girls working on their projects, having a blast.


“I want to be a game designer when I grow up!” – UCSD camp student


Teen campers goofing around outside inbetween lab time at UCSB.


Ahoy there, me techies!


iD Visual Arts Academy field trips can be ethereal.


Rumor has it our Wesleyan camp instructors only reveal their superpowers at night…


iD Tech Camps at San Francisco State University.


Somebody must have hit the refresh button!