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Best of Summer Camp Photos – July 15, 2013

boy assembling project circuit board

Happy Friday! We’ve put together a sampling of the best summer camp photos from our 60+ locations. Check them out and be sure to visit our blog again next week for more!


Instructors sporting their game faces for another week of technology camps.


iD green is my favorite color!



Smiles and silent screams of excitement are common at iD Tech Camps in Florida.


Sharing a cool Android app with a friend.


Fantasy day at iD Tech Camps is taken pretty seriously.


Camp student at UC Irvine eager to share his project.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…


Smiles from the girls at SCU!


Building human pyramids isn’t quite the same as building apps, but just as fun!


See you next week; I’ve got my eye on you.