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Best of Summer Camp Photos 8.12.2012

girls working at computer coding laughing

With only 10 summer programs in session this past week, we scoured their photo albums for the funnest – and funniest – memories. iD Tech Camps, iD Programming Academy, and iD Visual Arts Academy students across the country have had an incredible week editing, programming, photographing, gaming, and creating. Take a look at what they’ve been doing…


This Stanford iD Tech student is too young to shave, yet he’s designing his own game.


This UCLA camp student and instructor took green to a whole new level. Nice hair!


Making new worlds on computers is fun for these California camp students.


Our camps are stylish from head to toe. Scavenger hunting for iD green isn’t difficult at UCSD.


The “pie in the face” tradition is an end-of-the-week favorite for many of our iD Tech Camps students (instructor interest still uncertain).


Filmmakers and photographers will never go out of style at our iD Teen Academies.


Did someone call the paparazzi? Stanford’s iD Visual Arts Academy students just found the sweetest bike to photograph.


The sun has set on our 2012 summer program at UC San Diego. Thanks for the memories everyone!