In these tough times, we band together.

We’re offering premium online learning experiences right now, with pricing designed to stretch your family’s budget. For ages 7-19.

In these tough times, we band together.

We’re offering premium online learning experiences right now, with pricing designed to stretch your family’s budget. Ages 7-19.

Behind the Scenes: Camp Set-Up at Ohio State University

iD Tech in action

Our labs are very impressive; typically a network of 30-100 computers boasting the latest technology, most cutting-edge games and applications and the kind of decorations that only iD staff know how to bring.  However what is equally impressive is that the labs are built from scratch in a mere 48 hour time period. That's right, in only 48 hours iD staff is expected to turn a totally empty class room into a lab space worthy of the iD name.  What more impressive is that it is typically accomplished with only a couple of staff.  I consider myself an expert at setting up labs at this point and try to help set up as many locations as possible.  I decided to doucment how a typical lab set-up runs while I set up the Ohio State University lab with the help of OSU lead instructor Bryce (who was also the writer of our '09  Web-Design and Flash Animation Curriclum):

Day 1

Day one is all preparation for the arrival of the computers which happens the following day.  Prior to arrival "Camp-In-A-Box" (C.I.A.B.) has been shipped to the University location.  CIAB contains all the non-tech related materials to run a successful camp.  The combine shipping weight of "Camp-In-A-Box" averages at close to 500lbs.  The main objectives of day one are to un-pack an organize 100% of the "Camp-In-A-Box-Materials", purchase any additional materials needed and then to prepare all the workstations for the arrival of the computers the next day.

Bryce is consumed by "Camp-In-A-Box"!DSC00425

Every single item is inventoriedDSC00429

I never did finish making the cabinet...DSC00430

Finally, set up and ready for the computers!DSC00435

Day 2

Day two is all about the computers; inventorying them, setting them up, setting up peripherals, networking them and finally testing them.  To stress test the electical needs of the room, we turn them all on and off at the same time, nothing like hearing the windows start-up song coming out of 30 machines at the same time (I'll try to get a video of that, did you know Brian Eno made the theme?).  Once the computers are set up, if there is still time we'll unwind by making some decorations.

More boxes!DSC00436

What's crazier, that pile of ethernet cables or boxes stacked all the way to the cieling?DSC00437

Things are beginning to shape up....DSC00441

Now there is a lab!DSC00445

Of course, the most important part is still missing and won't arrive for another day:

THE STUDENTS!!!Monday 046

Rock on Bryce!Monday 051

That's all for now!  Sorry I've been quiet the past couple months but now that camp is over (and I've taken a well deserved break) you'll be hearing a lot more from 'ole Grizzle!

A photo of iD Tech

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