Bay Area Tech Camps and Bay Area Baseball – Connection?

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Even though the 2012 Major League Baseball season has already officially begun, the two clubs that call Bay Area home are only a few hours from renewing rivalry in what is called the Bay Bridge Series.  The slated exhibition matchups between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s don’t exactly carry the excitement that regular season bouts usually shoulder, but fans like me will be taking an interest in each game's outcome.

But what does baseball have to do with technology?  Well, iD offers a handful of Bay Area Tech camps – including those held at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Santa Clara – so anything on the local tech front is always a hot topic.  Not to mention that the game of baseball is getting more and more technologically advanced with each year that passes; and each advancement opens the door of possibility for even better creations down the road - by those who are learning technology skills today.

One such development has to do with how fans watch the game from the stands.

It has been long-rumored that the Oakland A’s will make their way down to San Jose.  With the move would come a new ballpark, and that ballpark is supposed to be the most technologically-inspired in all of sports.

Such amenities would include the option for fans to upgrade tickets from smartphones or watch instant replays, order food, or chat with friends on seat-based handhelds.  And if the Jumbotron at Cowboys Stadium is any indication of the massive HD display that could be presented in stadiums of the “future,” then A's fans are in for a real treat.

But at the moment, this remains a pipe dream, as talks of the move have slowed to a snail’s pace.  Whichever way it ends, every new ballpark, arena, or stadium built from this day forward will surely be incorporating technology in a far greater capacity than stadiums of old; making this another example of how technology can even transform something as traditional and straightforward as watching baseball.

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