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The end of August here at iD signals that another successful camp season will soon be coming to a close. All of us feel privileged to be a part of what makes your summer awesome! We know you count on us for a fun, educational, and state-of-the-art camp experience; so as our camps are getting boxed up and students return home safely, we’re diving right into planning for another exciting season in 2013.

For most of our campers, this time of year signals a beginning; it’s time to go back to school! Getting to see all your school friends again is always a highlight, but what else do you like about going back to school? When I asked around, some members of our corporate staff were happy to reminisce a bit when I posed the question:

When you were a kid (or teen), what was your favorite thing about going back to school after summer break?

Here’s what we thought was über cool about going back to school…


Shopping, of course!  The Nordstrom sale was always a big reminder that it was time to get back to school.  My mom and I would go shopping for the latest and greatest trends for the season (however I can’t say I always pulled them off very well). –Lori, Regional Management

When I was a kid, my favorite thing about going back to school after summer break was the lunch food! My school had these really awesome hot pockets filled with ground beef and gravy…yum. I still crave it to this day. –Mai, Client Services

The best thing about going back to school is stocking up on fresh school supplies. I relished the smell of brand new, freshly sharpened pencils and pristine notebooks! :) –Noel, Web & Creative

It was all about going to the store Lids and getting the right hats for the school year. The flat brim wasn’t the popular hat back in the day; it was all about the college bar hats – finding the right colors to match your kicks and clothes. I owned MSU, UNC, and a few others. That was the only thing I enjoyed shopping for back in middle school. –Robby, Regional Management


I was just excited to get back to learning ‘cause I was a big nerd. I also loved finding out who was in my classes (even though I went to school with the same people from K-12). Oh! And decorating my locker and always hoping for a top one! –Sarah, Payroll


Hopefully you have as much fun going back to school as we once did! Make sure to check back often as we post more information about our summer camp courses and locations that we have in store for 2013 – big things are on the horizon. All of us here at iD wish you a great year at school, and we look forward to seeing you next summer!


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