Autodesk Selects iD for Digital STEAM Workshop Case Study

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What do you get when you combine two popular topics of technology and environmental sustainability?  An integration of the Autodesk® Digital STEAM curriculum’s Save Our Fish project into iD Tech Camps’ 3D Modeling & Animation courses.

Specifically, the Save Our Fish project encouraged campers to research a pertinent topic on environmental sustainability and make a fifteen-second, animated public service announcement (PSA) using Autodesk Maya® software.

Basing their work on predetermined props, surfaces, and lighting, students selected a concept, repurposed those props, and then animated them to create a personal environmental story.  They learned Maya fundamentals to conceptualize and build 3D models, and animate pre-viz narratives - working towards a goal of creating compelling messages through their projects.

The end result?

Amazing student creations that showcased the importance of the design-thinking process and storyboarding – portraying animations and messages about environmental topics like saving the planet, conserving trees, and reducing litter and pollution.

Given the success of the collaboration, iD Tech Camps was selected by the Digital STEAM Workshop as one of only a few case studies to illustrate how students can solve real-world challenges using educational software.  The Digital STEAM workshop is a highly visual curriculum that provides project-based learning – that’s exactly what students at iD experienced.

The student buy-in and their resulting excitement is a testament to the easy-implementation and benefit provided by comprehensive resources such as videos, lesson plans, data sets, and completed 3D interactive projects.  In the end, students felt empowered to use advanced animation techniques to execute valuable, real-world applications.

Learn more by watching the free case study.

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