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  • Pasadena Press Reaction

    Oh, The Things Kids Create… (Reaction to Article from Pasadena Star-News)

    Witnessing that progression from a kid being “just a kid” (who is probably only interested in “kid things”) to someone who “gets it” (and has an eye on the future), is special. For us, it's most noticeable when campers begin to understand the importance of STEM, or when a lightbulb is illuminated with a big idea, or [...]

  • August Summer Camps Header

    August Summer Camps – Fun Last-Minute Tech Camp Options

    2015 UPDATE: There is still space available for both kids and teens at iD Tech summer programs held across the country.    2014 UPDATE: It's good to see people are still finding this post useful! Locations and offerings have changed a bit since originally published, so view our 2014 Summer Camps lineup here or follow [...]

  • Girls Scholarship Blog Word Cloud

    We Asked Over 1,000 Girls Why They Wanted to Go to Camp…This is What They Told Us

    The Backstory of How iD Tech Partnered with to Offer 100 Girls Scholarships to Camp Back in March, iD Tech partnered with to offer 100 girls scholarships to attend summer camp at no cost. It felt great...but only for a moment. Soon after, feelings actually got a little complicated, and in the end, the road to writing [...]

  • Three Girls at Laptops

    Press Reaction: Hoping to Spark Girls’ Interest in Tech (from Chicago Tribune)

    A few days ago, our Alexa Café summer program held at Lake Forest College was lucky enough to be covered by Mark Lawton of the Chicago Tribune. His goal? To get a look at the camp that “hopes to spark girls’ interest in technology.” It’s a great article, and can be read in its entirety [...]

  • Tech Gifts for Dad Blog Header

    Tech Gifts for Dad In Lieu of Traditional Father’s Day Ideas

    Dad probably doesn’t need more “stuff,” but after reading this, you’re going to want to give him the tech toys and trinkets he deserves this Father’s Day. Say goodbye to the traditional necktie and tool set; aka Father’s Day gifts he might only love because he loves his family (and not necessarily because the gifts [...]

  • Tech Students at Table

    How to Make the Most of your Summer Camp Experience

    Fact. Camp time is here. Those who have already signed up might be filled with anticipation and perhaps a few butterflies as the first day moves closer and closer. What is camp like? Will my son/daughter make friends? Will they learn something useful? All normal questions. (These questions are a little different). Plus, you’re not [...]





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