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  • Benefits of Technology & the Right Kind of Screen Time for Children

    When talking about the benefits of technology for children, does being a summer tech camp make us biased? Well, I wouldn’t say biased. If anything, it makes us informed. So, let’s clear the air. Are there cons to exposing kids to technology? Of course. Like all things, there has to be a good and a [...]

  • Prevent the Summer Slide and Turn Brain Drain to Brain Gain

    It’s all too familiar. July rolls around and the kids start getting up later and later each day. You realize there’s a problem when the first text you receive from your teen is “Good morning. What do we have for lunch?” Something just isn’t right there. And while the sleeping in is one thing, it’s [...]

  • 11 Lasting Benefits of Summer Camp

    We are quickly approaching the summer months, during which I - and many others here at iD Tech - will witness camps in action, and have the pleasure of hearing/reading feedback from tens of thousands of parents and campers. And while it's always amazing to see just how many students are having a great time [...]

  • The Ultimate Guide to STEM Competitions & Events

    The heat of competition is a funny thing. It brings out sides of our personalities we never knew we had lurking. And frankly, it’s invigorating right? Personally, I love it. (My family on game night, not so much.) More than that, competition just has a way of making us better. And no matter your interest [...]

  • Myth-Busting the "Computer Camp"

    I hope you have a firm grasp on your hats, and that your socks aren’t easily knocked off. Because today, we truly have something special on the docket. Have you ever thought of what you’d do if you came face to face with Bigfoot, swam next to Nessie, or dare I say, set sights on the [...]

  • 7 Tips for Finding the Right Summer Camp

    Summers are magical, right? School is out, the days are long, and free time abounds. Yet after a month or so, boredom sets in, and kids and the couch start to become inseparable. Glued to smartphones while binging on Netflix, or just mindlessly mashing buttons as they play video games for hours on end. Where’s [...]

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