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  • How to Design a BattleBot

    BattleBots is a high-octane robot fighting show with more than 20 years of runtime under its belt! In this post, we will spin and maneuver our way through what it takes to design and build a robot …

  • Ultimate List of Enrichment Activities, After-School Classes & Programs

    With kids and teens returning to school for 2023, where do we stand with enrichment? Are “after-school” activities going to command more of the spotlight? Will it be enough to just enrich , or are …

  • What is Enrichment in the Classroom & Why is it Important for Kids in School?

    Enrichment goes beyond schooling, offering personalized instruction based on a child's interests and skills. Enrichment classes offer opportunities to both catch up and challenge students, nurturing …

  • The Ultimate Guide to STEM Competitions & Events for 2023

    The heat of competition is a funny thing. It brings out sides of our personalities we never knew we had lurking. And frankly, it’s invigorating right? Personally, I love it. (My family on game night, …

  • 10 of the Best Brain Games for Kids

    As parents, we all know the challenges of balancing our children's screen time with other activities that promote learning and mental development. While I am the first to say technology certainly has …

  • Summer activities for tweens to keep busy and productive

    Nobody likes to be “between” things. A rock and a hard place is always tough. And middle children might have unique challenges.  Which brings us to the tween. They are not “kids” (and don’t …

  • 9 Awesome Computer Classes for Kids

    As someone who has grown up right alongside the evolution of STEM, while also being a parent of two young boys (ages 4 and 6), I know firsthand the importance of tech literacy in today's world. …

  • 8 Fun Coding Class Options Near The Hamptons

    While the weather might suggest otherwise, summer camps are fast approaching. So with May right around the corner, we are going across the country, highlighting the many available summer …

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