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  • The Tradition of Pi(e) Day at iD Tech

    At iD Tech, we are turning a “Pi(e) Day Tradition” into a life-altering partnership with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) to get more girls into STEM fields.  Please help us in our Pi(e) Day Challenge! Join us by using #pichallenge on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! The History of iD Pi(e) Day As we reflect [...]

  • A Salute to the Female Founders of iD Tech

    20 years ago, my sister Alexa and mother Kathryn huddled up to launch a “tech camp for kids” in Silicon Valley. They didn’t get the investment capital so many companies rely on today. They really just had one asset: internal Drive. (That’s what the i and D stand for in iD Tech, by the way.) [...]

  • Balancing Technology & Life—Screen Time Tips from a Tech Camp CEO

    It’s 1980. It’s summer. I’m on the couch for hours. Many hours. All day watching endless episodes of Three’s Company and Gilligan’s Island. I get interrupted by my older sister, Alexa, who needs me to move aside so she can watch Magnum PI. Yep, I’ll get sucked into that too, thank you very much. It’s [...]

  • iD Tech Inspires Students to Dream BIG

    We love hearing success stories from iD Tech alumni. They remind us of the power of technology education. They inspire us. And they encourage us to keep offering awesome summer tech camps. We’ve been following Rebecca Garcia for several years. The former iD Tech Camps alumna is now an entrepreneur and coder who uses her skills to [...]

  • iD Hackathon Unleashes Creativity With Coders, App Developers, Game Makers

    You may already know that at iD Tech, we run summer tech camps for kids and teens. We teach Minecraft game design, modding, app development, coding in Java, PHP, Python, and C++, 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, Robotics with Vex and Lego Mindstorm—you get the idea, right? We're known across the globe as the #1 Tech [...]

  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes We Make Designing Websites

    Mistake 1:  Design Starts on the Computer.  Wrong! When we do it best, we draw it first. Napkins.  Blank paper.  Designs start with concepts and ideas and blanks sheets of paper.  We have to force ourselves to step away from our computers and mobile phones.  We turn on the Enya.  And just draw.  I can [...]

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