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Posts by Marta

  • Last Minute Valentine's Day Fun

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Besides being able to eat all the candy and chocolate you want with no excuses, there’s no reason to not have a little fun on this holiday. After all, it does break up those winter months a bit doesn’t it and helps the countdown to taking C++ Programming courses or [...]

  • CAMP DIY: Creating a Memory/Autograph Book to Take to Summer Camp

    Now that camp is in session all over the nation (and in Canada too!) in places like our California Film Classes or our Boston summer camps, I thought it would be nice to show you all how to create your very own autograph/memory book to take to camp or anywhere else you travel this summer [...]

  • Creating a Computer Wallpaper with Textures & Depth in Photoshop

    Each year since I’ve worked at the iD headquarters, I get the privilege of creating the camp desktop wallpapers for iD Tech Camps, the iD Gaming Academy, the iD Visual Arts Academy and the iD Programming Academy, which you can see if you attend any of our programs this summer since they’re installed on every [...]

  • A Letter from the President of iD Tech Camps

    Dear iD Nation, My name is Pete, and I am the president of iD Tech Camps. Summer camp is just around the corner—90 days and counting. Can you believe it? We've got a $50 savings which ends in 10 days—but I think it's important to find a camp that is right for you. I send [...]

  • DIY: Creating a Pop-Up Card

    That big red, white and pink holiday is just around the corner and there’s still time to send out a pop-up valentine card to someone you know. I learned how to make these pop-up cards way back in elementary school and they’re easy and fun to make. All kids and teens out there, think of [...]

  • 5+5: Things I Did and Didn’t Learn in Design School.

    I’ve been working as iD’s Lead Designer for four and half years now and I, along with many of my co-workers, can tell you that running summer programs for teens and kids is a tough, but fun job. And that combination of hard work and fun sure makes time speed by. (Did you know our CEO [...]

  • Designing a Retro, Summer Postcard Using Photoshop

    Summer is in full swing here at iD Tech Camps, with many of our summer camps for teens and kids already in session. Since the next three months of your freedom will be most likely be filled with some sort of travel, what better way to keep connected to your friends and family by created [...]

  • 5 Mini Design Exercises to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

    With spring here, you may have no problem thinking of ideas for your next creative endeavor. After all, that overnight summer camp that you’ll be attending in a few months may have you overflowing with ideas on how you’ll create your own graphic design pieces, model a 3D character or make your own iPhone® games. [...]

  • Creating Icons in Illustrator Using Basic Shapes

    When designed creatively and effectively, icons are a great way to convey a simple, universal message without having to use words. If you look around at the iD site, you can find icons everywhere.  Take a look at the Web & Graphic Design Course page…it has a nice large icon right at the top of [...]

  • Looking at Typography

    Hello iD readers! My name is Marta and I’m part of the design team at iD Tech Camps. I started out with iD back in 2004 as a  summer camp instructor for  Web Design & Flash® Animation at our Stanford University location. Fast forward to 2006 and beyond and I found myself a full-time employee [...]