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  • iD-Game-Design-Development-Students-Visit-Anki-DRIVE

    iD Tech Academy Students Go Behind the Scenes at Anki!

    We're back with another studio tour recap! If you're a teen who has considered attending iD Game Design & Development Academy or iD Programming Academy, chances are you've heard about our studio tours. These off-campus events give aspiring game designers and developers the opportunity to get up close and personal with high tech industry pros and experience what it's like [...]

  • Preemadonna-Nailbot-Alexa-Cafe

    Smart Tech Meets Serious Style with the Nailbot: Preemadonna Visits Alexa Café

    When Pree Walia and Casey Schulz, co-founders and heads of startup Preemadonna, visited Alexa Café held at Palo Alto High School last week, the enthusiasm from our students was palpable. It's not every day young girls come face to face with such inspiring female tech entrepreneurs! Preemadonna is known for their remarkable "Nailbot," a small [...]

  • Malala

    10 Reasons to See "He Named Me Malala," Set to Release this October

    Lately in the U.S., it's all about girls and STEM this, and girls and STEM that. Educators like ourselves, parents, and industry professionals have been racking our brains for ways to draw more girls to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, and put to rest the stereotypes and misconceptions that have kept girls [...]

  • iD Programming Academy Students in Atlanta Get a Taste of the Tech Industry at Soltech

    For teens ages 13-18 considering attending iD Programming Academy or iD Game Design & Development Academy, our studio tours are a major selling point. These off-campus excursions bring budding programmers and game designers face to face with high tech professionals and provide a taste of what it's like to be fully immersed in their dream industry. Last week, [...]

  • PixelHeartMug2

    Top 10 Techie-Themed Valentine's Day Gifts from Think Geek

    Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is coming at you in less than a week! Over at, the holiday has become perfect excuse to bestow your loved ones with something techie, brainy, or super quirky. A bouquet of plush kittens? Yes please... For your amusement and shopping pleasure, I've rounded up some real gems, sure to make someone [...]

  • #LikeAGirl: The History Behind Superbowl 2015's Most Talked-About Ad

    A little boy doesn't jump out of his crib magically knowing how to throw a fastball, save someone from a burning building, develop sophisticated software, or negotiate for a higher salary. If he succeeds at these tasks, it's because he received the training and encouragement to do so throughout his life. If we don't afford our daughters the same attention, [...]





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