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  • Should Your Child Join a Robotics Team?

    The short answer is a resounding "yes!" In honor of National Robotics Week, we spend the majority of this post diving into the benefits of joining a robotics team or club! But first, here’s a brief overview of what these competitions and teams are all about. Robotics Club Definition A robotics club is a gathering [...]

  • Choose the Best Programming Language for Your Child

    Thousands of languages and dialects are spoken around the world each day. And while there aren’t quite as many programming, or coding, languages, deciding on one to target (and figuring out which is best for your child) is no easy task. Scratch, JavaScript, Java, Python, Lua, C++, and C# are of the most popular kids [...]

  • 16 Black STEM Innovators Who Have Defined Our Modern World

    We frequently talk about the gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, and why getting more girls in STEM is important. But that isn’t the only gap that desperately needs to be filled if we are to achieve a workforce that reflects the perspectives, insights, and talents of our population. Like women, [...]

  • 5 Easy Tips for Avoiding Summer Brain Drain

    It’s all too familiar. July rolls around and the kids start getting up later and later each day. You realize there’s a problem when the first text you receive from your teen is “Good morning. What do we have for lunch?” Something just isn’t right there. And while the sleeping in is one thing, it’s [...]

  • Five Ways Gaming Prepared You for the Best Job Ever in Seattle

    By John Asher You may not know this, but all that gaming you’ve been doing has done more for you than put you on top of the leaderboard—it’s taught you some valuable skills, skills we look for in our staff. Doubtful? Here are the top five ways your gaming talent can land you one of [...]

  • New England is Full of New Opportunities

    By Spencer Forest New England is the historic center of America. Cities like Boston, New Haven, and Hanover are deeply rooted in history and culture, but it also is the original hub of academia and technological innovation. Here in New England, some of brightest minds from around the world attend the famous Ivy League institutions [...]

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