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  • Five Ways Gaming Prepared You for the Best Job Ever in Seattle

    By John Asher You may not know this, but all that gaming you’ve been doing has done more for you than put you on top of the leaderboard—it’s taught you some valuable skills, skills we look for in our staff. Doubtful? Here are the top five ways your gaming talent can land you one of [...]

  • New England is Full of New Opportunities

    By Spencer Forest New England is the historic center of America. Cities like Boston, New Haven, and Hanover are deeply rooted in history and culture, but it also is the original hub of academia and technological innovation. Here in New England, some of brightest minds from around the world attend the famous Ivy League institutions [...]

  • Meet Hilary: Superstar Director!

    By Anthony Price If you are fortunate enough to walk into the right junior or senior English classroom in a certain Florida high school, you might  meet a doppelganger of Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope. Hilary “Flick” Serra lives her life by Ms. Knope’s paraphrased motto, “If I come on strong, it’s because I care [...]

  • Jobs & Internships 2016: Who to Choose? The Empire or the Rebels?

    >>> BEEP BEEP >>> >>> INCOMING TRANSMISSION >>> >>> SIGNAL RECEIVED >>> Greetings, Jedi!  You’re about to embark on a glorious and fun-filled journey through the galaxy of summer work opportunity. We’ve noticed the force remains strong with you and with proper guidance and training, you too will become a Jedi Master. iD Tech wants [...]

  • Happy Birthday iD Tech +
    A Word From Our Co-Founder

    Back in 1999—way before smartphones, drones, and social media—mother and daughter Kathryn and Alexa Ingram-Cauchi had a vision for the future of tech education. Something high-energy, fun, and hands-on. Something held at prestigious campuses to emphasize the importance of higher learning. Thanks to their unstoppable combination of imagination, instinct, and entrepreneurial spirit, iD Tech was born and has since gone BIG. Today, [...]

  • How a Summer Working at iD Tech Will Help You Land That Dream Job

    We recently sat down with Dale Markowitz, a software engineer at OKCupid in New York City, to talk about her summer teaching at the iD Programming Academy at NYU and how it gave her the skills to succeed at a big name company. Dale, a recent graduate of Princeton University, chose to spend the summer [...]