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  • Now Launching: Moonshot Thinking with X, the Moonshot Factory

    Our newest academy is here—and in the spirit of making the impossible possible, it was built specifically for teens who want to make the world a better place. That's right, now launching: …

  • Summer Camp Essentials: What to Pack Before Heading Off

    The moment we’ve all been waiting for is swiftly approaching— the 2023 summer camp season is right around the corner! Are you getting antsy about what to pack? Fear no more! We've compiled …

  • 1500 Sound Academy: Unleash Your Inner Composer

    iD Tech is proud to announce its partnership with 1500 Sound Academy! With this new collaboration, we’re bringing you a brand new course, Music Production with GRAMMY-Winning Producers from 1500 …

  • 7 Best Coding Languages for Kids & Teens [2023]

    Learning to code and deciphering all of the different coding languages can seem intimidating a first, especially for kids who are just getting started! Fortunately, while learning something …

  • Setting Up & Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server

    Importantly, before you try to do any of this at home, these instructions are meant for parents who are helping their kids. Thus, kids MUST get parent permission and choose a time when they can …

  • 18 Fun STEM Things to Do Over Winter Break

    Temperatures have dropped, and if you’re like me, you’re soon going to be pouring eggnog in everything. Which means—winter break is just around the corner! Sure, the holidays are going to look …

  • What is game space?

    Game space is the world in which games take place. This game space includes colors, sounds, and barriers, which all help determine the events that take place, what a player sees, and how they …

  • What is tweening in animation?

    In animation, tweening is short for in-betweening, which is the process of drawing the frames that transition one keyframe - or major pose - to another.  In Adobe Animate, tweening refers to the …

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