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  • Marymount Memories

    I graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with my degree in Writing for Theater many years ago. That experience inspired me to pursue my Masters at NYU in something slightly different than theater - Interactive Telecommunications (a mouthful of a program). Technology was always one of my strong suits. I was really interested in creating computer [...]

  • A love letter to Fusion...

    Dearest Multimedia Fusion 2, We have been through so much. I remember when you were young, you Klik & Play, me a gaming obsessed teen. I wasn't very interested then, but I recall my brother making some pretty fantastic and impressive creations. But then you left my life - I thought forever. Who knew our [...]

  • Generation Indie

    There have never been so many ways to tell a story. When I was young, video games were made by professionals - large groups of developers with specialized equipment and a large budget. There was a small selection of independent works on the PC, but never on a console. There was great reason for this [...]

  • Camp in a Picture

    Somer, iD's Academy Operations Manager, found this great iDea from the Full Sail Blog about capturing your life in a single photograph. Inspired by this concept, Brylock and I ran a camp-wide contest about capturing the essence of camp in a single photo. We were not disappointed! The folks at Trinity University, specifically Taz, Grizzly, [...]

  • Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

    Howdy all! We had some eggcellent (totally corny!) activities involving eggs this summer and I wanted to share a few. Carmen SanDiego from Emory University shared pictures from her traditional egg drop competition. Only one egg managed to survive! NChaku from Merrimack College shared these images and some advice: 1. Make sure you give campers [...]

  • Guest Blogger - Taz from Trinity University

    Taz had some outstanding words to share about his experience this summer, via our internal iD Tech forum. Enjoy! A few words I'd like to share about this year at iD: A new year, another season at iD Tech. I was ready for all the shoutouts, and nachos, and crazy personalities (campers and instructors, myself [...]