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  • Who's Really Playing Video Games: Why Female Gamers Matter

    There are countless positive effects of your child playing video games—gaming can improve hand-eye coordination, teach problem-solving skills, enhance creativity, and even help kids make friends. Sadly, however, there’s still a common misconception that only boys participate in gaming with any seriousness, and as such, even the most well-meaning articles about the benefits of video [...]

  • Why You Don't Have to Be a Techie to Attend (or Even Work for) iD Tech

    One of the most rewarding things we hear from our campers is, once they come to camp with us, they realize they’ve found “their people.” Our campers feel seen, understood, and accepted in a way they may never have before. However, your student doesn’t have to be a techie to love iD Tech. I know [...]

  • 2018 Lesbians Who Tech Summit Summary & Reactions

    Did you know women account for only 1 in 15 people in STEM fields? Bad, right? That statistic looks even worse when you start talking about LGBTQ women in tech. That’s where Lesbians Who Tech comes in. Lesbians Who Tech is a powerhouse of a community—the largest LGBGTQ professional event in the entire world. Their purpose [...]

  • What Kind of Project Does My Child Make at Camp?

    You’re a smart parent—you know tech camp is one of the best ways to keep your child learning over the summer. But what project will they actually be making at camp? It’s one of the most common questions we get, and one we’re happy to answer. One of the best things about iD Tech summer [...]

  • 6 STEM Gifts Your Child Will Love This Holiday Season

    Do you have a tiny tinkerer desperate for new things to build? How about a creative coder endlessly attached to their computer? Or maybe your child is a devoted designer, always rearranging the photos on their bulletin board, adding and subtracting stickers and embellishments until it’s picture-perfect? No matter what side of STEM (yes, STEM; [...]

  • 5 Ways to Make the Most of Camp, After Camp Ends

    The first day of Fall approaches, and your attention turns from sunny days and camp sessions to school and homework. But don’t forget about your camp experience just yet! Here’s a quick guide on how to make the most of camp, after camp ends. 1. Learn Year-Round With Remote Instructors Our instructors are our pride [...]

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