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  • Nationwide Technology Summer Camp Has Strong Logistics Team

    We just completed our twelfth season of conducting summer youth technology camps across North America. At this point every year, we begin the evaluation process of how the past season went and we make plans for the following summer. We are always looking at how we can continue to provide the best educational program available. [...]

  • Spring Break Computer Kids Camp Keeps Them Learning

    What are your kids doing while out of school for spring break? Well, there are fifty kids having a great time in Santa Clara, CA, learning a variety of computer technologies this week. These kids are creating video games, building websites, learning graphic design skills, exploring digital photography techniques, and much more. Rather than playing [...]

  • Girls Camps Focused on Technology Learning

    There are numerous programs in the country focused on encouraging girls’ interest in technology, math and science. Yet, boys still gravitate in greater numbers to these interests. There are many reasons and theories out there as to why such a discrepancy exists between boys and girls. You could read for days on the topic. Whatever [...]

  • Technology Enhances Olympic Games Experience

    The 2010 Winter Olympics are into their second week of competition in Vancouver, British Columbia. Each time the games roll around, I am amazed at how technology has enriched my experience of the Olympics over the years. The modern Winter Olympic Games started back in 1924 in Chamonix, France. The original members of the International [...]

  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    We’ve all heard the statement, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” Has it become cliché? I looked up its origins and found it’s referenced as an American Proverb. Yet, the sentiment is not unique to America. People the world over understand and believe this statement to be true. It’s said that the United States is the [...]