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August Summer Camps: Fun Last-Minute Tech Camp Options

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UPDATE: There are still plenty of August summer camps with space available for both kids and teens across the country. Click the button below to find the camp nearest to you.

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2014 UPDATE: It’s good to see people are still finding this post useful! Locations and offerings have changed since originally published, so view our 2014 Summer Camps here or follow the links below:

Kids Tech Camps, Ages 7-12
Teen Summer Programs, Ages 13-18

Of course, you can also continue on to the original post that follows. Have a great rest of the summer!

Wow. It’s the end of February. March is days away, the heart of spring isn’t too far from now, and summer is right around the corner. 2013 is moving fast. For parents, summer might seem like an eternity away – plenty of time to plan summer activities, right? For kids and teens, summer can’t be here soon enough. Either way, we’ll soon be planted in the midst of fun in the sun.

With summer coming and going so quickly, we know it can be the end of July without a moment’s notice. Thus, we are accustomed to receiving the question “do you offer August summer camps?” And gladly, we can answer “yes” – and at more than a handful of prestigious summer camp locations nationwide.

August Summer Camps are held at:

iD Tech Camps (Aug. 2013)

San Francisco State University
Santa Clara University
Stanford University
UC Irvine
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara

The University of Denver

Sacred Heart University
Wesleyan University

Northwestern University

Amherst College
Bentley University

The University of Michigan

Macalester College

New Jersey
Princeton University
Seton Hall University

New York
Columbia University
New York Institute of Technology
New York University
Pace University

The University of Washington, Bothell
The University of Washington, Seattle

Washington DC
American University

The University of Wisconsin-Madison

iD Gaming Academy for Teens (Aug. 2013)

Stanford University

iD Programming Academy for Teens (Aug. 2013)

Stanford University
MIT (2-week session begins July 28th and runs to August 9th)
New York University

iD Visual Arts Academy for Teens (Aug. 2013)

New York University

So, best of luck! Register early for the best chance in securing your preferred locations and courses. If not, check back to see which August summer camps might still be available.

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