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Attending Summer Camp Enhances Youth Development

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June 21st marked the official start of summer! If you’re like some parents, then this may be the time of year when you start weighing summer entertainment and educational options available to your kids. One of those options is summer camp. Summer camps not only provide an outlet for excess energy, the truly special camps inspire, teach and provide an opportunity for personal and professional exploration.

Between 2001 and 2004 the American Camp Association conducted research with over 5000 families from 80 ACA-Accredited camps to determine the outcomes of the camp experience as expressed by parents and children.

Powerful evidence noted that children, teens and even camp staff reported significant growth in the following areas:

  • Self-Esteem & Independence
  • Peer Relationships
  • Adventure & Exploration
  • Leadership Skills
  • Friendship Skills
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Values & Decision-Making Skills
  • Social Comfort & Communication Skills

While not all campers and parents expressed growth in all of the above areas, there was enough evidence put forth to suggest that attending summer camp helps kids and teens become more confident and self-aware. iD Tech Camps even conducted their own survey of past campers and the results were outstanding, confirming the statements above! You can also read parent and student testimonials about their experiences at iD Tech Camps here.

When deciding which camp to enroll your student in this summer, it’s clear we’re biased – we run amazing camps! But here’s some objective advice: Make sure to consider ACA-Accredited camps, like iD Tech Camps, which meet thorough health and safety standards each year. Here at iD, our aim is – and always has been – to help children and teens gain knowledge and skills that they can use throughout life, while also having a safe and fun summer camp experience!

In fact, some students have proven that attending our camps and teen academies can really change lives; They’ve used the tech skills they’ve learned at iD Tech Camps to go on to Do Something Big!

So if you’re on the lookout for a technologically-advanced camp with firmly planted family-run roots, then you’re in luck! We still have space at many prestigious university locations across the United States. And with awesome course options like iPhone® & iPad® App Development or Web Design & Flash® Animation, the question really is: What is your kid doing this summer?

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