Are You Expecting Enough From Your Summer Camp?

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Summer camps are an investment of your time, money, and trust. So you want to pick the program with the most bang for your buck—a program that won't just entertain your child, but will enrich their life and open their eyes to new ideas.

While tons of iD Tech students will tell you that our camps are their favorite part of summer, we do a lot more than provide a week of fun activities. Summer camp can change lives. Here’s how we’ve created our camps to be the sort of impactful experience that’s worth your investment.

The Right Instructors

Our instructors come from the nation’s most prestigious universities and technical schools. They’re teachers working in their off-time. Or professionals in the industry looking to share their knowledge.

Though they arrive from all over the U.S., iD Tech instructors have a few things in common: they love technology, have BIG personalities, and are great with kids. Sure, those are simple traits, but you’d be surprised how many other camps hire sub-par instructors—or even counselors-in-training—just to fill positions.

About a third of our instructors return each season, continuing to build relationships with the students who come back each summer. As the parents of these campers will tell you, it feels great to check-in at camp and have a familiar face calling out your name. We train our camp instructors to act like mentors and create the most incredible learning environment, period.

Making the Connection

We’ve all been there at some point in life, sitting in a boring class wondering when will I ever use this information?

When students learn about new concepts—especially STEM subjects—in a vacuum, even the most inspired kids will have a hard time getting excited about learning. But connect those concepts to interests students already have, and they'll be hooked.

At iD Tech, we connect important technology concepts to kids’ current interests. In fact, each week students incorporate what they’re learning into a project that interests them.

So while every Game Design 101 student will learn the same game design principles (rapid prototyping, programming logic, level design, etc.), each project will look very different depending on the student’s interests. A kid who dreams of becoming an astronaut might create a space-themed RPG, where a child who loves food might create a game where players are in the midst of a food fight.

By connecting technology concepts to the topics our students are already passionate about, we ensure that students are engaged and more likely to take what they’ve learned at camp into the real world.

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Visualizing the Unimaginable

Over the years, we’ve seen campers and iD Tech alumni go on to achieve some of their wildest dreams, whether that's coding an app for charity, launching a subscription-based LEGO startup, landing internships and jobs at Google, or designing 3D-printed prosthetic legs for a pet lizard.

Sure, there are some kid geniuses out there who are likely to excel in any field they pursue, but most of the success stories we see are of hardworking kids and teens who set their minds to something great—and then achieve it.

But how can you dream up something unimaginable? You can’t. In fact, one Entrepreneur article says it this way: “All top performers, regardless of profession, know the importance of picturing themselves succeeding in their minds before they actually do in reality.”

At camp, your child will live and breathe technology. We help them visualize the possibilities that technology can create in their schools, careers, and in the world. We encourage students to dream BIG, exercise their creativity, and reach past the stars—a mindset that lasts long after camp ends. By imagining a future in tech, they are one step closer to living it out.

Fun Matters

Silly dress-up days, epic gaming competitions, outrageous instructor nicknames, and weekly raffles are just a few of the ways we ensure that your child has a ridiculously fun time at camp.

While teaching the latest and greatest STEM concepts is a huge goal, we also want your child’s experience with technology to be exciting and engaging. We want to transform their notions of tech as a dry, boring pursuit and show them how much fun they can have. Whether camp is their first technology touch point or they’re already coding apps in their free free time, your student will leave camp raving about how much fun it is to code apps, design games, and engineer robots.

Long-Term Skill Development

Your student just had the most epic experience at camp. Her head is swarming with game design ideas and she can’t wait to start coding away. The only problem? Her school doesn’t offer technology courses and there’s no room in your family’s already-busy schedule to add another extracurricular to the mix. She wants to keep learning, but doesn’t have the right support network to stay on track.

Many K-12 schools still lack adequate technology courses, but that doesn’t have to keep your student from pursuing her game design dreams. Our online learning platform, Tech Rocket, helps fill the gap from summer to summer. Plus, unlike many online tech courses, we have live coaches on hand to help students keep moving should they get stuck on a tricky concept.

For even more personalized instruction, your child can also sign up for one of our virtual tutoring sessions. Carefully selected just like our camp instructors, these online tutors can help your child gain proficiency in a variety of subjects, and you don’t even have to leave home to get started.

Worth the Investment?

With 18 years of experience running awesome summer tech camps, it’s no wonder our programs are unlike anything else. We’ve crafted a unique blend of in-depth curriculum, crazy-fun instructors, and long-term skill advancement that students and their parents can’t get enough of.

As you look for the right summer camp for your child this summer, don’t just settle for a few days of fun. Look for a camp experience that’s going to inspire creativity, build useful skills, and set them along a path that leads toward a bright future. We hope to see you at camp this summer!

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