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Announcement! Summer Camp Has Begun!

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We’re excited to announce that camp has started at Colorado State University, Emory University, University of Miami and Vanderbilt University! During our opening week of camp, hundreds of students nationwide are immersed in creating video games, websites, robots, graphic arts portfolios, programs and more. And with all the fun, they don’t even realize that they’re learning! Yes, designing a video game is programming. Producing a movie means organizing a well thought out, articulated story board.

Students are smiling because they’re having a blast. Parents will be smiling because their students may show an increase in self-confidence and tech knowledge going into the new school year. iD students gain a sense of empowerment, independence and self-confidence as they learn to articulate their creativity through new ways by using technology.

Besides creating lasting positive memories, students leave camp with a completed technology project. Often times they incorporate what they’ve learned into their school projects, thus becoming mentors for their peers. That traditional two-dimensional paper may now be augmented and brought to life with an engaging digital movie or illustrative website with Flash.

Gee, who’s having more fun? From these photos of many smiling faces, it’s hard to tell who’s having a better time! iD hires staff who not only are tech savvy, but also have the iD spirit and make learning fun. They are inspirational role models who take a child’s hobby and show how it can turn into a potential career. With an average of just six students per instructor, students receive hands-on, project-based instruction and are given the attention they need to excel.

Make sure to check back regularly for camp photos and read first-hand from students and parents about their camp experience. You can also check our real-time-availability to see if weeks are still open in your desired area.


  • Morgan Jones

    Nice! I’m glad you guys are having fun. iD was awesome last year and will continue to rock on this year. I’m going for 3 weeks this summer and am really excited. 😀

    -Morgan Jones
    Admin of iD Tech Camps Armagetron servers

  • Pete

    Morgan, we can’t wait to have you out at camp! We are rocking and rolling. This will be the best summer computer camp season ever!


    Pete, CEO, iD Tech Camps

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