Alexa Café Featured on AwesomenessTV: Episodes 1-6

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Indie production company AwesomenessTV has recently debuted their six-part series, My Personal Code, which documents the inaugural season of Alexa Café! We couldn't be prouder of or more excited for the girls who attended Alexa Café during Summer 2014, and we feel that AwesomenessTV has truly captured the progressive, collaborative spirit of our program. It's about creative coding. Design. Film. Photography. Leadership. Entrepreneurship. Brand identity. Philanthropy. Ultimately, it's about discovering something new that has the potential to change your life and make a difference in the world.

Explore Alexa Café and register for our Summer 2015 season.

According to AwesomenessTV, "These girls are ready to squash any assumptions that coding and science are for the boys and knowing code makes you a nerd. The possibilities with code are endless! Watch as these girls not only learn about code, but most importantly, themselves." Well said!

See for yourself what Alexa Café is all about, courtesy of the talented crew at AwesomenessTV:

Feeling inspired? You're in luck—after a sold-out inaugural season, we’ve expanded the program with new locations, courses, and overnight options at select sites. Click here to check out what's available near you.

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