Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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We’ve all heard the statement, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” Has it become cliché? I looked up its origins and found it’s referenced as an American Proverb. Yet, the sentiment is not unique to America. People the world over understand and believe this statement to be true.

Haitian Child

Haiti Overhead

It’s said that the United States is the most generous nation in the world. I don’t have the data to confirm. What I can say with certainty is there are places where, and times when, our neighbors across the globe need help. There’s no more graphic example than the tragedy being experienced in Haiti now. The earthquake’s devastation and the resulting toll it has brought to this small nation are unimaginable to those of us safe in our homes. We see pictures and our hearts ache. We hear cries of grief and tears come to our eyes.

When the tragedy struck, our work family couldn’t help but ask what our responsibility was to our Haitian neighbors. We didn’t talk about it, we just did it. The “loud-speaking” action that iD Tech Camps took was matching, 1-for-1, donations from our employees. It was already happening within the team; we just upped the ante. You can help too. Please take a minute to contribute to the American Red Cross or any organization you choose to support Haitian relief efforts. The giving is the action, not the amount given.

iD Tech Camps is more than a corporation that runs summer camps. We consider ourselves a family. We are family-owned and many of our year-round staffers are related. Also, we are very lucky that many summer staffers return year after year to help us create an environment that is special and uplifting for all our kids. We care about each other and those communities we serve.

iD Tech Camps offers our programs in 60 locations nationwide and we recently expanded into Canada with a Montreal summer camp and a Vancouver summer camp. In many of our locations, we provide scholarships to children who otherwise could not afford to attend a technology summer camp. Additionally, we receive several hundred applications as part of our Tuition Assistance Program. A group of us reads every submission. It is not an easy decision to select those kids who will take the limited number of spots available each year.

Last fall our President, Pete Ingram-Cauchi, and his wife became aware of a boy’s orphanage in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, that is doing good work in this region and needs support. Michael Pearce is the President of Casa Hogar de Caba San Lucas. Michael says on their website, “Our boys come from many different backgrounds and circumstances but their needs for security, shelter, food, education, a value system and a loving home environment are the same as any child growing up in the 21st century.”

Pete put out a call to action around the office that this home needed clothing and financial support. I remember seeing bags of boys clothing stacked around Pete’s desk! And, many contributed financial support. We are all about kids so this call went straight to our hearts.

We differentiate our summer program with the inclusion of life skills objectives in our technology curriculum. Technology improves the day-to-day lives of people across the world. We hope our campers take these new skills and adapt them to fit in their lives and act in ways that serve.

Casa Hogar1

Casa Hogar2

It has always been part of our culture to give back. Each year, we participate in the Family Giving Tree program. We collect Christmas gifts and volunteer at their collection warehouse to sort through mountains of donated gifts going to children who would otherwise not receive a gift. It’s a great team-building activity and a way to give back to our own local community.

Most of our team from our corporate office we’re able to help at the Family Giving Tree while a few stayed back to man the office.


Jason, in our Client Services group, knew a lucky boy was going to VERY HAPPY this holiday.


The iD Tech Camps family is driven to serve and we will continue to follow that old American Proverb by ACTING in ways that speak for themselves.

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We at iD Tech Camps wish you and yours good health and prosperity in 2010.


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