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A love letter to Fusion...


Dearest Multimedia Fusion 2,

We have been through so much. I remember when you were young, you Klik & Play, me a gaming obsessed teen. I wasn’t very interested then, but I recall my brother making some pretty fantastic and impressive creations. But then you left my life – I thought forever.


Who knew our paths would once again intertwine?

I was a strange iD Tech director. I was obsessed with outdoor games and singing songs. I challenged my staff and campers to do more – to take everything to a new level. I was distracted, though. There was one that caught my eye and held my interest. And to this day, I can’t shake that near obsession.

What had been Klik & Play in my younger years was now a fully developed Multimedia Fusion 2, an amazing piece of game creation software. My intrigue wasn’t from a developer’s standpoint, I was so busy that summer that any attention Fusion held was through watching others. Your software allowed so much. Every camper could create a game, and not just any game. They could develop just about any 2D game that can be imagined. If the presets didn’t quite match the ambition of a young developer, there was an additional layer of coding and a very loyal internet community creating new libraries and new actions.


You allowed campers to freely create. And it was life changing. I had never seen such a transformative piece of software. Everyone that touched Fusion could easily, within a couple of days, make a basic game – and all of th0se games were different, unique and fun.

I may have been a bit too obsessed with you. As a parting gift, my staff members bought me a copy – a cherished prize to this day.


Years following, I dabbled and created some fun personal projects. I also came back to iD Tech several times to teach the youngest campers how to use you. I just couldn’t stay away. The beauty and the wonder of how simple everything seemed and logical to the earliest computer users was hard to avoid. I had one group go from not knowing how to program anything at the beginning of the week to collaboratively making an epic multi-level game at the end.


And now you’ve matured even further – Clickteam Fusion 2.5. You can go to Android and iOS, Xbox and eventually even Macs (which is good because most of my coworkers only use Macs!)

Thank you so much for being awesome. You’re the best and I’m so glad that you’re still growing and teaching new generations at iD Tech!


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