A Letter from the President of iD Tech Camps

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Dear iD Nation,

My name is Pete, and I am the president of iD Tech Camps. Summer camp is just around the corner—90 days and counting. Can you believe it? We've got a $50 savings which ends in 10 days—but I think it's important to find a camp that is right for you. I send my own kids to some wonderful summer programs. I want well-balanced programs that deliver quality, safety and fun for my kids. And I don't want to waste my money. How about you?

My sister and I have been at the helm of iD Tech Camps for 12 years. We're an independent, family-operated company with a loyal following 100,000 students strong. But we're the #1 tech camp in North America because we've built our business one student at a time. Our goal is to deliver an unforgettable technology experience. So, why do I think iD Tech Camps is so extraordinary? Here are 5 reasons. We call it the iD Difference.

  1. TECHNOLOGY IS DRIVING OUR ECONOMY FORWARD. Some of the best jobs of the future are, and will be, related to computer science, green tech, green energy, web and mobile apps, social media, game design and more. The development of these skills is no longer optional. It is essential. Our fun, challenging courses are developed using products from the best technology companies on the planet. Students immediately put these skills into action—at school, preparing for college and entering the job market. Courses are beginner through advanced.
  2. STRETCHING YOUR DOLLARS. Saving money is important. Here's what we're doing.
    • You save $50 when registering by April 4th. Seats are filling up.
    • We have not increased tuition on Day Camps this season.
    • Tuition for Overnight Camp has increased only modestly.
    • When you refer friends, you save $50 and your friend does too! The rewards have increased from $25 to $50 this season.
    • There are additional $50 savings for siblings and multi-week participants.
  3. PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION, GUARANTEED RATIOS, ADULT-ONLY STAFF. We don't cut corners. We average 6 students per instructor. Personalized instruction is the core of our business. We even guarantee our ratios, which is unheard of in the camp industry. If we ever exceed 8 students per instructor during instructional time at iD Tech Camps, your camper comes back for a free week of camp. Additionally, we only hire adult staff to teach and mentor—we do not have CITs (counselors in training) teach our courses. Our staff is trained in-person and all members must pass extensive background and reference checks.
  4. THE COLLEGIATE EXPERIENCE AT TOP CAMPUSES IN THE U.S. & CANADA. When I was a kid, I attended several camps on college campuses, and the experiences changed my life. Students at iD study, explore and play on campus, eat in the university dining halls and overnight students stay in real college dorms. And for teens looking to boost their portfolios, we offer accredited Continuing Education Units at all our locations. I've got a seat waiting for you at iD! Check location availability.
  5. LEARN ALL YEAR LONG. FOR FREE. Parents have asked us over the years, "Do you offer anything after summer?" In response, we began iD 365. We are confident no other summer camp offers this extra value. Here's how it works:
    • When you register for summer camp, you automatically get access to our monthly online workshops taught by live instructors.
    • Students log on from home, learning awesome new technologies and getting their questions answered in real time.
    • The best part? iD 365 is free when you register for our summer camp!

Many of us at iD have kids and teens of camp age. We want the best for our kids, just like you want the best for yours. When you drive off and see your kids in the rear view mirror, we want you to feel confident in our camp staff. We set high expectations, and your family deserves that. If you enroll at just one summer camp in 2010, I hope you'll consider our program.

If you have questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-709-TECH (8324), option 1, or for international calls, 408-871-2227, option 1. I've personally witnessed how iD Tech Camps has changed the lives of so many students over the years. Students who knew nothing about technology are now doing amazing things. We hope to see you this summer!



Co-Owner and President

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With over 20 years of experience and a track record of incredible student outcomes, iD Tech is an investment in your child's future. Whether they're 7, 19, or somewhere in between, we've perfected the system to guide them from total beginner to college-bound pro.