7 iPhone Games that Pac-Man should Invade

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Hey all - (the other) Pete here with another crazy post. I'm gearing up for another awesome season at iD and am particularly excited about our iPhone app courses. Many of our Summer Day Camps and Overnight Camps teach campers how to develop iPad apps and iPhone apps - which is pretty darn cool for an avid gamer that happens to play on my iPhone all the time.

I've been wondering lately what would happen if Pac-Man was in some of my other iPhone games.

I know this seems random, but there are reasons. One, I just had some delicious pacman cookies.

Second, have you seen Pac'N-Jump?


This cool new game is really close to the iPhone standard, Doodle Jump.

Doodle JumpI *do* think that Pac'N-Jump takes Doodle Jump to a whole new level, although I may be partial because I am much better at Pac'N-Jump!

#7 Tiny Pac

Tiny PacTiny Wings definitely sucked up a major amount of game time on my iPhone. The game is a simple timing / reaction exercise that features a poor little bird that can't fly. The player's goal is to get the bird as far as possible before the sun sets. Add some ghosts and power pellets and this could be a real winner!

#6 Super Mega Pac

Mega PacSuper Mega Worm is an absurdly gruesome ride through the life of a giant, man-eating worm. The goal is simple - eat anything that moves! That already sounds like something that Pac-Man loves to do! Perhaps I just want to imagine a gigantic Pac-Man running rampage over a small rural town. I can dream...

#5 Fruit Pac

Fruit PacMy nephews will quickly steal away my phone to play Fruit Ninja for hours. What if, instead of slicing fruit, the player was an angry Pac-Man with a katana chopping the likes of Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde? Now that's the kind of Pac-Man game I can get into!

#4 Flick Pac

Flick PacThis is definitely one of the stranger combos that could possibly exist: Pac-Man in Flick Football. Really, though, it could happen. Instead of simply flicking the (soccer) football into the goal, players would have to follow specific paths and avoid ghosts. Sounds like it *could* work, although I'm already horrible at the original (see Hi Score).

#3 Pac the Rope

Pac the RopeAll right, I'll admit - I'm pretty darn good at Cut the Rope. I had to slow down my 3-star performances because I was running out of levels (even with the new box!) Why not replace the stars with power pellets and our friendly candy-eating dinosaur (?) with Pac-Man? He does happen to be the original ever-hungry video game star...

#2 Cana-Pac


Canabalt is an excellent 10-second game (well, for me anyway). The premise is simple, jump from building to building at an fairly fast speed. Now, if this unknown parkour-inspired pixelated man can do it, why not Pac-Man?

#1 Angry Pac

Angry PacThis may be obvious, but the number one game that Pac-Man should, nay, likely WILL invade is Angry Birds. Look, Doodle Jump used to be the best seller on iTunes and now Angry Birds has stolen that honor (perhaps rightfully so). Forget a variety of birds attacking pigs - we all know it should be Pac-Man flying through the air in simulated physics bliss, raining on the unsuspecting ghosts. Now that would be worth 99¢!

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