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6 Lessons from Argentina

instructor helping student at computer tech camp

Taking a few weeks off for vacation is so, so important. It changes my whole outlook on so many things. I start to see the world in vibrant colors again…not just muted colors. Vivid reds and greens and blues and oranges. Bold colors. We work so hard for so long and keep forging ahead–but without taking a step back, perspective gets torn away at the edges.

Before I head back to the states, I wanted to share some pictures of my trip and intermingle some thoughts and observations about how things relate to our business.

Lesson #1: Safety is job #1 at our summer camps…and also in the toy store. This is my two-year-old buckling up before driving off.

child driving in plastic toy car

Lesson #2: Have eyes in the back of your head…kids can fit into places you cannot.

toy store window

Lesson #3: Never go swimming unless a lifeguard is on duty. This is my 3-month-old taking a bath in the hotel sink.


infant bathing in hotel sink

Lesson #4: If you are going to go out on the town, make sure to look your best!

infant smiling on pillow

Lesson #5: If you go to the arcade, make sure you are tall enough.

child playing rockband at arcade

If you are not tall enough, it can be disappointing…

child measuring self before riding amusement park ride

Lesson #6: The food in the dining hall at camp is probably not like the Argentine food below:

$4 Argentine steak (I could only finish half).

steak in Argentina

Self-serve ice cream by the kilo…

self serve ice cream in Argentina

…with lots of toppings

variety of ice cream toppings

…and even more toppings:

more ice cream toppings in a shop

Typical breakfast of cafe con leche, small croissants, orange juice and dulce de leche…

breakfast in Argentina

All the best from Argentina! If you ever have a chance to get down here, the exchange rate is 3:1…so when you spend $1 U.S. it is like you are really only spending about .33 cents. Your dollar goes very far down here. Lots of tourists are taking advantage of the favorable exchange rate and booking 4-star hotels for $75 U.S. a night and eating steaks like the one above for about $4. Breakfast like the one above costs about $1.5 U.S. and the ice cream with all the toppings costs under a dollar. Not bad!