46 Page Website Developed in One Week at iD Tech Camps

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I received this email from a staff member at our summer computer camps at Wake Forest University.  Enjoy!

From: Zoltan (iD Summer Camp Staff Team Member, Wake Forest University)
To: Pete
Subject: RE: Outstanding Student
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 11:58:41 -0400

Hey Pete,

Adam (last name not shared for confidentiality purposes) was taking the Videog Game Creation and Web Design Hybrid course at Wake Forest this past week and build a three-layer, 46 page long Website. In two days! When we had outdoor activities, he always participated, but he almost always opted for working on his site when he was given the chance to do so. He was really amazing. You should have seen how his face lit up when I mentioned him that he might have been the only student in iD history who managed to achieve something like this in such a short period of time. (A 46 page website?!)

During the first day we worked through his first Video Game, the second day he completed the basic modules in Web design, and on the third and fourth days he started and finished his Website. Adam had to do tons of image cropping and even more link checking on his pages. He also opted for learned Dreamweaver to help him  in completing his site even faster. We agreed on one thing though: he had to have different content on every third-level page... and Adam did it. He didn't have the time to write paragraphs for these pages, but he managed to put in at least one or two short sentences for each page. At the end it was only a few pages that needed to be corrected on Friday morning (linking), but since Adam was on the top of it, he could even participate in the Jeopardy game for all students afterwards.

On Friday our director mentioned that Adam had been planning on signing up for another week. I hope he would do so, since with his diligence Adam could move on to more advanced modules in the curriculum, including Flash animation too. His Website with animated Flash banners would look just AWESOME!
On Friday, he was pointing to his diploma a few times very proudly when showing it to his parents. On his way out from our class, you should have seen him smiling when I told him that I meant every single word of it. It might not be possible, but it would probably mean a lot for Adam if he could receive some other forms of acknowledgment - other than what has already read on his diploma -; an e-mail or a letter...

Thank you and hope you'll have a great week.

Zoltan (Adam's Instructor)
Wake Forest University

Zoltan, I can do better than just email Adam.  His story, courtesy of you, has now been blogged.  Thanks for letting us know about his experience at iD Tech Camps!  Please let him know about this blog post!

Adam.  Way to go!

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