iD Tech Camps Introduces New Ways to Learn 3D Video Game Design in Partnership with Ubisoft and TrackMania United

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iDTechCamps_TrackManiaThis summer, students will race to summer camp so they can race at summer camp through a unique partnership with Ubisoft and its TrackMania United video game software. iD Tech Camps, the world’s number one technology summer program, is offering a new 3D Video Game Design course that revolves around racing games. The course is designed to give students valuable skills like 3D design and game modification in one of the gaming industry’s most popular genres.

Students ages 10-15 will work in small classes to design the perfect track, create the sleekest car and challenge their classmates with new racing scenarios. Students can select options from a deep single-player mode to endless multiplayer challenges, and the software allows players to race a track as many times as they want. TrackMania United is also popular because players can choose to respawn at checkpoints or restart the race at any time. This flexibility makes the game optimal for students to continuously experiment and to tweak their games using their new design skills. Once students have created their perfect track, they can push it online where their friends or even the millions of TrackMania players around the world can race on it.

As with all iD Tech Camps courses, students exercise their imaginations along with their technical skills in the creation of a final project. In the 3D Game Design course, students create their personal vision of the game, then take home their modified version, along with original TrackMania United software. Since the game allows players to create their own tracks using a “block” process, students can use what they’ve learned at camp to continue building and experimenting long after their session ends.

For Pete Ingram-Cauchi, the CEO of iD Tech Camps, adding the 3D racing game genre was a natural next step in iD’s evolving game design course offerings. “The new TrackMania United course complements our other video game courses and expands the options for students interested in game design. We’ve had great success with other popular genres like first person shooters (FPS) using Unreal Tournament® 3, and we’re hoping that this new genre will get more students interested in game design.”

iD Tech Camps offers a unique make your own game experience for students ages 7-17 through seven different video game design courses, including arcade, platform and role-playing games (RPG), giving them the opportunity to develop design skills and test their interest in a gaming career. For teens who want a more intensive, pre-college experience, there is the 2-week iD Gaming Academy.

The new 3D Game Design – Racing Games course featuring TrackMania United, along with the other game design courses, is offered at iD Tech Camps’ 60 prestigious university locations with weeklong, day and overnight options.


TrackMania United® is a series of arcade racing games. Instead of following the usual trend of choosing a set car and track for playing in the game, the TrackMania United games allow players to create their own tracks using a "Block" process. TrackMania offers both a deep single-player mode as well as endless multi-player challenges across a world-wide community of racers who are ranked by the game’s ladder system. In contrast with most other racing games, the TrackMania series lets players race a track and respawn as many times as they want, or restart from the beginning. The goal is to achieve the best times possible on tracks made by players. Player-created tracks can be shared easily online with the millions of TrackMania United users around the world.

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