Now Open: 7,000 Seats via our 2018 Scholarship Program

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It's no secret: our summer tech programs for kids and teens are the most reputable on the planet.

With 18 years of experience and unmatched expertise, we provide the best of the best university locations and instructors—and a track record of long-term student success. That's what makes iD Tech such an incredible investment in your child's future. Learn more.

A program of our caliber is expensive to operate, and we know that camp tuition isn't easy for every family. But, we've long held the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to become the next rock star coder, game developer, robotics engineer, or designer.

That's why in 2018, we're reserving 10%, or 7,000, of our seats for underprivileged students across the nation.

The history of our scholarship program

For over a decade, we’ve provided tuition assistance as a way of bringing the iD Tech experience to those who can’t afford to attend on their own. Why? Because serving students in need is a core part of who we are as a purpose-driven, family company.

Our programs offer a fun, high-energy environment where students meet new friends, experiment with emerging tech tools, and discover topics they might not be exposed to in their day-to-day lives. Not only do they build in-demand STEM skills, but they have a blast while doing so.

"I cannot thank you all enough for the amazing opportunity you provided to my son through the scholarship offered to him to attend iD Tech. He would not have been able to attend had it not been for the scholarship. I cried with joy when he was beaming with pride and describing all of his wonderful experiences at camp.” –Parent of scholarship recipient

How to apply

Need tuition assistance? Click here to apply for individual or group scholarships. The application period is officially live now through March 16, 2018. We hope to see you this summer!

"Thank you, you’ve given these kids so much more than camp. You’ve provided them an environment where they belong and that boosts their self-esteem. " –Parent of scholarship recipient

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A San Jose State grad of Women’s Studies and Music, Kendall joined iD as a writer in 2013. She likes social equality and vegetarianism, and plays in an indie dream pop band.

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iD Tech is the #1 tech camp on the planet, with 150+ locations nationwide. Kids and teens learn to code, design video games, produce videos, mod Minecraft, create with Roblox, engineer robots, model and print 3D characters, work with AI and machine learning, build laptops, learn about cybersecurity, and more!

We've bet our reputation on recruiting the top instructors in the country. Our 8:1 student-to-instructor average ensures customized learning with the smallest class sizes, leading to "a-ha moments" and awesome outcomes.

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