2017 iD Tech Scholarship Program: On Purpose and Philanthropy

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We measure our success by what matters most: the “ah ha” moments when a new concept clicks, the BIG impact of an incredible instructor, and our ability to deliver the highest quality, most inspiring technology experiences to as many students as possible.

For over a decade, we’ve given camp scholarships as a way of bringing iD Tech to kids and teens who can’t afford to attend on their own. Why? Because our camps provide a fun, high-energy learning environment where students can meet new friends, dive into cool technology topics, and learn topics they might not have access to in their day-to-day life. Not only do they build foundational STEM skills, but they have a blast while doing it.

A Purpose-Driven Company

Providing opportunities for students in need is a core part of our mission, so this year alone we’ve more than doubled our impact by awarding 702 scholarships to kids and teens nationwide. We selected these stellar students via a number of methods: some were chosen directly during the application process, others were chosen by iD Tech employees, and still others were provided in partnership with nonprofit organizations and corporations.

This season alone, we’ve invested over $500,000 to assist students with tuition. But it’s about more than the dollars spent; each scholarship is an opportunity—a chance to make a difference in one special child’s life.

"Through my work with the scholarship and outreach programs, talking to recipients and their parents, and hearing that students have had an amazing week at camp, I realize that we really can make a difference...one child at a time." -Kimberly, iD Tech Employee

Outreach Weeks

Last August, retired Starbucks President Howard Behar and Dr. Lynn Behar provided 40 Alexa Café scholarships to girls ages 10–15 in the Tacoma and Highline School Districts. Their intent: to help bridge the gender gap in STEM fields. That first outreach week was such a success, that we are committing resources for nine outreach weeks across California, Washington, Nevada, and Maryland.

iD Tech Scholarship Program Outreach Week 

In all, this summer’s outreach weeks will serve about 245 students, many of whom have little to no access to technology education. In fact, only 40% of U.S. schools offer computer programming courses, with schools in low-income neighborhoods being disproportionately impacted.

We hope that this year’s outreach students will have a blast as they meet new friends, tour top campuses, gain hands-on experience with industry standard tech, and learn important foundational STEM skills that will give them an edge in school, college, and beyond. It only takes a single spark to unleash a wildfire of change.

“[My son] has said the skills he learned at camp enabled him to feel confident in his ability to participate in both the Science Olympiad event and a robotics class...He definitely wants to attend camp again next year at Stanford and every year thereafter. His dream is to attend Stanford for college.

I cannot thank you all enough for the amazing opportunity you provided to my son through the scholarship offered to him to attend iD Tech Camps. He would not have been able to attend had it not been for the scholarship. I cried with joy when he was beaming with pride and describing all of his wonderful experiences at camp.” –Parent

Scholarship Partners

Although our community of over 275,000 iD Tech campers and alumni grows every summer, there are still people who haven’t heard about our summer tech programs. This year, we partnered with more nonprofit organizations and corporations to find deserving kids who could receive a scholarship. With the help of important nonprofits like Make-a-Wish Foundation, Wishbone, ScriptEd, and the Society of Women Engineers, we awarded more than 50 scholarships.

Apply for a Scholarship

Need help getting to camp? Although our application window for the 2017 season has closed, information on next year’s tuition assistance will be available on the iD Tech Scholarship Program page on December 15, 2017.

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