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2014 Summer Camps—Oh How Times Have Changed


What does “summer camp” mean to you?  For me, it has meant everything from traditional campfire songs to baseball, basketball, and more. That’s what summer was like in 1994; it wasn’t about technology or computers…and it didn’t really have to be.

But things are different now. There wasn’t an abundance of STEM careers and a shortage of qualified students to fill such vacancies. Getting into college has never been as competitive as it is today.  As a result, the definition of summer camp has expanded to include programming, game design, Minecraft, and much more.

Summer “camp” has been replaced with “course” or “class” in some instances, but even so, there is still plenty sunshine, outdoor fun, friends, and everything else summer is supposed to be. Those things will never go anywhere, and are still very much a part of the camp experience. They are just mixed in with computers, tech, 21st century skill-building, and preparing for a future in STEM.

And believe it or not, summer at iD Tech begins in just six weeks!  Wishing you fun, sun, new skills, and new friends wherever your 2014 camp experience takes you.