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2014 Staff Training: Summer is Coming and Our Team is Getting PUMPED


Morning, iD Techies!

This past weekend, we trained over 220 summer staffers! We were very impressed with their enthusiasm and participation…and we kept hearing “I just want to get to camp already!”

We also had two special guests via Google Hangouts:

One was a gentleman named Hai from Google who presented findings of a study they did with 1600 people to pinpoint why girls do or do not go into Computer Science.  This study isn’t even published yet (we felt so honored!)–but it was very informative and our staff appreciated that we are trying to move the needle and engage more girls in STEM. Read more about girls at iD Tech by checking out Alexa Café, our new all-girls program for ages 10-14.

The other special guest was Pete, our CEO!  He delivered an awesome Q&A session, full of humor and insight into summers at iD Tech.

We are SO excited for camp to begin, and can’t wait for you to meet our awesome 2014 summer staff lineup. In the meantime, enjoy a few pictures from the training: