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Assistant Director at iD Tech



Assistant Directors are assigned to larger program locations with 60+ students in attendance. 
The Assistant Director’s primary role is to work in conjunction with the Director to oversee, manage, and supervise the operations of each program, ensuring iD Tech’s high standards of excellence are met to the satisfaction of clients, the onsite location contact and their Location Manager. The Assistant Director will partner with the Director to ensure instruction is being taught the iD way, the environment is inclusive, dynamic and FUN, and that the safety,health and wellbeing of our students and staff is the number one priority. The Lead Instructors will report into the Assistant Director. In addition, the Assistant Director will work with the Director to coach every staff member in developing and demonstrating professional behaviors.  At locations with an overnight program, the Assistant Director is required to stay on campus.


  • Attend in person and online Regional Staff Trainings
  • Help lead weekend onsite orientation session
  • Complete ALL paperwork and training requirements
  • Become acquainted with all courses, products, and software
  • May be required to be fingerprinted (based on location)



  • Act as Director using independent discretion and/or escalating appropriately while Camp Director is on scheduled breaks or when immediate action is required in the absence of the Director
  • Along with Director, develop staff leadership skills using performance management coaching techniques taught at Regional Staff Training while sharing in the responsibility of conducting mid-season and end-of-season performance reviews for all staff members
  • Ensure work environment is challenging, motivating and quirky
  • Work with Director to ensure all operational tasks assigned to team are completed
  • Work with Lead Instructors to ensure that all Instructors are meeting curriculum goals for every student
  • Delegate operational tasks to Lead Instructor or Instructors as needed
  • Ensure Instructors meet critical deadlines on diplomas, project completion and Friday student presentations
  • Create and implement work schedules, roles and responsibilities for staff
  • With Director, hold routine meetings to address and resolve staff concerns
  • Ensure scheduled activities for students are appropriate, fun and dynamic with appropriate supervision
  • Act as leader during check-in each session (may include leading icebreakers, directing parents, processing paperwork, etc.)
  • Work with clients to address and resolve any concerns
  • Oversee and participate in logistics of location set-up, tear down and weekly product inventory/assessment - ability to lift 50 lbs
  • Additional duties as needed and assigned by the Director or Location Manager

Health & Wellness, Safety, & First-Aid:

  • Working with the Director and Health & Safety Coordinator ensure a safe environment is maintained at all times for students and staff
  • Ensure proper supervision is occurring at all times, including but not limited to upholding ratios, conducting face counts, and managing risk and student behavior during activities and street crossing
  • Responsible for health and wellbeing on a routine basis, including administering medications and/or first-aid as appropriate, and using best judgment in determining when to escalate matters and situations
  • Uphold iD Tech’s safety policies and procedures
  • Organize and execute student medication storage, administration with 100% accuracy, maintain accurate medications and health log
  • Respond to and document critical emergency incidents - have good hearing & eyesight, mobility, be able to operate emergency exits
  • Walk students to and from dining halls, activity locations and pick-up and drop off - traveling up to several miles daily
  • Ensure student safety and security during these times and evaluating their welfare on an ongoing basis
  • Act as an emergency substitute for sick/absent Instructor
  • Be continuously available to staff and students while on duty
  • Perform CPR and FIRST AID as trained


Previous camp or managerial experience is required. Assistant Directors must demonstrate impeccable judgment, strong organizational skills and be able to communicate effectively via email, cell phone, and hand-written documents. In addition, the candidate must have a background working with kids and teens. Knowledge of computer networking and/or curriculum software is a plus. The ideal candidate would have a college degree in a related field. Must hold Pediatric & Adult CPR/First Aid/AED certifications in order to be eligible to work in this position. Some jurisdictions require Assistant Directors be at least 21 years old (by the start of camp).

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