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Our experienced, Silicon Valley-based team is ready to answer your questions and provide personalized course recommendations based on your child's interests and skill level.


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In addition to knowing the ins and outs of our expansive course catalog, our Academic Advisors understand the impact that the right learning experience can make. Whether your child is a total beginner who wants to try coding for the first time, or a college-bound teen who wants to boost their portfolio, our team is here to provide tailored recommendations so students can meet their educational goals.

Roberto M.

"I enjoy helping unlock students' limitless potential through first-class learning, creative interaction, and mentorship. I'm excited to start your kids on a journey that encourages innovation, turning ordinary experiences into extraordinary learning opportunities."

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Chantal S.

"I've realized that while many students have similar interests, they all have unique goals. I am motivated to work with families to ensure their kids are in the right courses for their needs. Seeing the impact our programs have inspires me to ensure each student is set up for success."

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Mikaela W.

 "I've had the opportunity, both in-person and virtually, to see the enthusiasm our students have for learning and reaching their goals, as well as the impact our programs have had on them. I greatly enjoy being a part of their iD Tech journey and helping them find the perfect courses."

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Eric V.

"Being in a position to host open discussions with parents about their kids' goals and aspirations empowers me to fulfill our mission of providing excellent STEM-based education to students worldwide. Providing these experiences is the reason I love being part of iD Tech."

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Monica D.

"As a staff member at our in-person camps, I was able to see kids find their passions first-hand. I got to hear the laughter and see the smiles. Now, as an Academic Advisor, I am able to help them kickstart their journey through our amazing programs."

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Benefits of meeting with an iD Tech Academic Advisor

Lay a foundation for your child's learning pathway

Longterm success begins with a solid plan and expert guidance. Our Academic Advisors will be here to assist you every step of the way during your child's time at iD Tech, whether you need help choosing the right program or course, picking the perfect instructor, or scheduling lessons.

Make the best choices based on your child's unique needs

We're excited to learn about your child's interests and goals. Personalized recommendations are just a quick call away.

Simplify your course selection process

Our course catalog is as expansive as it is exciting! We'll narrow it down for you in a snap.

Get all your questions answered quickly

We're here to clarify details and guide you through registration swiftly so you can get on with your busy day!

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