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    Success Stories from iD Alumni

Zack Finds Success as a Programming Contractor—at 18!


This former iD Programming Academy student wanted to spend his summer doing what he loves most—programming. Now, he’s passing on his knowledge as an iD instructor and attending the University of South Florida.

Zack started computer programming in sixth grade—and it immediately became his life’s passion. So, he pursued it, attending iD Programming Academy to code for two weeks on the campus of a prestigious university with likeminded peers. Recently, he returned to iD to pass on his knowledge as an instructor.

“I have to say attending iD Programming Academy held at American University has had such an immense impact on my life. I had such an amazing time. My director was one of the coolest guys I've ever met. I learned so much about the Android development process, and had tons of fun.”

After the summer programming experience came to an end, Zack took it upon himself to continue learning. He made application after application, getting a feel for different capabilities and new techniques.  It was then when he realized his skills could actually earn him money—as an 18-year-old. Using, an online professional contracting website, Zack scored highly on the programming aptitude test.  Soon after, the prospect of being hired to perform programming work for others soon became a tangible reality.

“Before I knew it I was getting invitations to interview for several jobs. For a while it was multiple interviews a day! This seeped into my school work when I began writing papers describing my projects, ideas, and work experience. It simply became a huge part of my life.”

While one of Zack’s most thrilling jobs is under a non-disclosure agreement, we are told it’s a huge task, and one that is offering an outstanding professional experience.

He has this to say in reflection of his time at iD.

“iD has given me the knowledge needed to get jobs. I've even built up the courage to talk to girls on campus thanks to my confidence. I discovered new things I enjoy, and made some amazing connections with my instructors and campmates.”

iD Programming Academy gave Zack the knowledge, first-hand experience, and life skills to succeed in college and his future career.