Meet Sharon

This high school student founded a nonprofit to bridge the generational divide in tech.

Meet Sharon, a seventeen-year-old from California. She received a scholarship from iD Tech and attended our program held at Stanford University, studying Robotics. Now, she’s started her own nonprofit called Technior.

“I have always been fascinated by the innovation of technology,” Sharon says. “Learning about the science behind Robotics opened my eyes to a brand new world of possibilities.”


Attending iD Tech not only showed Sharon the power technology can have, but also helped connect her to like-minded students who love learning just as much as she does. She greatly enjoyed working with her fellow campers on different projects. Her favorite memory at camp is when she and her team finally got their very first programmed robot to run smoothly.

It is that feeling of collaboration, inspiration, and innovation that inspired her to start her own organization. Technior is a nonprofit that pairs youth volunteers with senior citizens to teach the seniors technology. Technior has grown to a worldwide status, helping to bridge the gap between two generations and empower people through technology.

“One of my biggest joys from starting a nonprofit is being able to witness the increasingly positive impact the organization has been able to make on people’s lives,” Sharon says.

She continues with advice for current and future campers: “You learn so much within the time of our iD Tech course, so make the most of it and have fun!”


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