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Meet Sean

This iD Tech alum interned at Autodesk and NVIDIA, and now works at Apple!

Former camper Sean used iD Tech Camps to develop skills and turn interests into something more. Already a published author, he is also a current student at Carnegie Mellon University, using summer “free time” to gain work experience with big-name tech companies. This summer, he will start his new job as a GPU Software Engineer at Apple!

Sean says he “dabbled” in programming and game design before attending iD Tech Camps, working mostly on simple websites and modding games. It wasn’t until after two summer video game courses that he was really able to take his skills to new heights.

“iD Tech Camps helped me get to the next level by guiding my exploration of technology and exposing me to specific programs like Photoshop and Autodesk Maya. Being able to use professional products at camp allowed me to see – and experience – design in a brand new light.”

Little did Sean know his experience with Autodesk was just getting started. While he used the summer between high school and freshman year as an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University to return to iD Tech Camps as an instructor, he went on to use the next two summers to intern for Autodesk. Sean gladly accepted an offer to work in software development for the major 3D design software company.

During his internship, Sean worked with the AutoCAD Data Services Team to develop an interface, implement command line tools, and create a demonstration plugin. He gained valuable skills from an experience not many students have the opportunity to explore. His experience at Autodesk also opened the door to an internship at NVIDIA, as well as a new job at Apple, which he will begin this summer.

Sean says he has always had a passion for STEM, but it was iD Tech Camps that sparked his motivation to do something BIG with his interests.

“iD Tech Camps fueled my passion for programming and now I’m in pursuit of a degree in Computer Science. iD was one of the biggest factors that drove me to pursue my passion for programming, web design, and game development. Being around other people who are also interested in those things does a lot to encourage further exploration and learning. Next to learning from industry professionals, I think this is the most valuable aspect of a week at iD Tech Camps.”

Among other things, Sean is also a published author—his book 3D Graphics with XNA Game Studio 4.0 is a guide to adding a number of effects to 3D games and programs using XNA Game Studio. The book’s publisher asked Sean to write after being impressed by the credentials stated on his personal website, and now the book is available for sale on Amazon!

With all of this, Sean encourages other students to act on their interests to discover how they can transform hobbies into more than mere pastimes. He attended iD Tech Camps to uncover new talents, and is now on his way to packaging all of his experiences into a fun and rewarding career in STEM.


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